Anupama 24th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 24th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama 24th May 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 24th May 2023 episode starts with Maaya announcing that she would get mehendi done for Anuj which leaves everyone with a disgusted face.

Anuj lowers his head with guilt as he notices Anupama staring at him silently, without any words spoken.

Leela says that Maaya should even write Anuj's pan card number, aadhar number, and his glasses number on her palm if that gives her happiness.

Maaya shamelessly asks Anupama to do her mehendi as others are busy which shocks everyone as to how Maaya is able to make such a demand.

However, Dolly says that Anupama does not do mehendi for everyone and asks one of the attendants to do Maaya's mehendi first.

Anupama also starts doing her mehendi and Leela asks the attendant about what she has done to Anupama's hand without asking.

The attendant says that she wrote Anuj's name on Anupama's hands before also so she repeated the same thing while Anupama's hand shows Anuj's name on it.

Meanwhile, Maaya's mehendi gets spoiled and Maaya almost bursts out in anger as she stares at Anupama's hand with jealousy-filled eyes.

Anu writes "AMA" on Anuj's hands meaning, Anuj, Maa, and Anu but Anuj later erases the M as he does not want Maaya in his life willingly.

Barkha gets a message and squints her eyebrows with a little nervousness while signaling Vanraj which gets noticed by Kanta.

Maaya does not give up and goes to Anuj with the mehendi asking him to write his name on her hand.

Anuj hesitantly writes his name on Maaya's hand while the family members stare at him and Maaya with judging faces.

Anupama comes to the sink and washes away the mehendi as Anuj has already given her fate to Maaya without even letting her say anything.

However, Anupama decides not to say anything without knowing the whole truth and leaves after controlling her tears.

Anuj was listening to Anupama the whole time and said sorry timidly as he watches Anupama leave.

Kanta tells Bhavesh about her suspicion of Vanraj and Barkha to Bhavesh and how she thinks that they are hiding something from the family.

Bhavesh and Kanta decide to keep an eye on them in the meantime as Anupama needs to be protected from their vile plans.

The Sangeet function gets started and the first performance is performed by Leela, Hasmukh, Kanta, and Bhavesh on the song "Le Gayi".

Everyone compliments them by cheering for their dance and Dolly watches Dimple smiling at Leela while hugging her for her perfect dance.

Toshu and Kinjal perform next on "Ek Haseena Thi" but Anupama notices Kinjal acting weird and tries to talk to her but Kinjal walks away.

Leela says that Kinjal must have forgiven Toshu and Pari would soon get a brother to accompany her which makes Anupama feel disturbed.

As the function progresses, Ankush announces that the next performance will be done by Samar and Dimple and they move to the stage.

Kanta notices both Barkha and Vanraj leaving at the same time and decides to follow them.

Barkha tells Vanraj that their secret is hidden perfectly till now when suddenly their eyes fall on Kanta standing behind them.

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