Anupama 24th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 24th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Adhya's friend liking the cake which was made by Anu while Anuj sends a voice note to Anu that Adhaya liked her cake and they are celebrating her birthday in the hotel.

Anu becomes worried while Anuj sends her a smiling photo of Adhya which makes her happy and she asks Vikram to not serve biryani without her permission while Toshu goes to serve the biryani to food critics.

Meanwhile, Anu notices it and she goes behind him after that Rahul tells her that Toshu forcefully took the biryani to serve it whereas the food critic gets surprised by seeing the biryani then Anu goes to meet them.

They show her the cockroach in the dish which makes Anu tense and everyone becomes worried after seeing the cockroach while customers also question Anu for making such kinds of dishes.

The food critic asks the customer to get the checkup done and says that Anu serves insects along with the dishes she cooks which makes Anu feel bad while the food critic says that Anu has failed in everything.

She says that she will sue Anu and give bad reviews of her restaurant after which customers make bad videos of her while the food critic throws the biryani plate over the trophy that Anu won which breaks Anu's heart.

Anu starts crying and asks for an apology from her and says that she cleans everything and every corner of the kitchen, but she does not know how she didn't notice this.

The food critic mentions Anu as careless while the customer bitches about Anu behind her while Yash is on the way and thinks that the food critic would have given an American star to Anu after tasting her dish.

On the other hand, Baapu ji tells Leela that he is worried about the review that the food critic will be giving to Anu whereas Anu's video goes viral, and Anuj gets to know about it.

Adhya tries to distract him but he leaves the family photo in between and goes to meet Anu which breaks Adhya's heart Anu gets unconscious, but Anuj protects her and offers a glass of water to her.

Anuj defends Anu in front of the food critic after which Anu gets motivated and says that she has cooked for a lifetime, and she asks for some time so that she can find the person behind all these things.

Food critics think of it whereas Vanraj murmurs that he will bring Titu's real side in front of everyone whereas Adhya tells Shruti that she won't let Anu spoil her happiness and she says that she will bring Anuj.

Meanwhile, the food critic gives another chance to Anu and says that she will give a bad review for not looking after hygiene and will escalate it to the food authority which makes Anu feel bad and she does not have any words for it.

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