Anupama 24th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 24th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 24th September 2023 episode starts with Anupama being in emotional turmoil on hearing Kavya's words and realizing that she has to choose one side soon.

Leela says that Malti Devi has remembered her son after she has lost everything and a woman like her is not trustable in any way.

Hasmukh asks Leela to stop talking and tells Anupama that she does not need to worry about them and should focus on Anuj as he must have been hurt.

Anupama brings Malti Devi to her room and asks her to stop crying as she cannot say that Anuj is completely wrong because his bitter feelings are right in their place.

Later, the Shah family comes back home and surprisingly Malti Devi comes with them which does not sit right with Vanraj and Leela.

A flashback shows Anupama asking them what she should do with Malti Devi while Vanraj reminds her that Anuj clearly does not want to stay in the same house as her.

Hasmukh agrees with Anupama as she says that they cannot just let an old woman out in such a condition and asks Anupama to let Malti Devi stay with them instead until she finds any living arrangement for her.

Back to the present, Vanraj and Leela tell Anupama that she should have thought a bit before making a decision as they are not on the same page about keeping Malti Devi in their house.

Leela says that she cannot bear Malti Devi as a woman and thinks that she has come back with selfish motives while Hasmukh asks her not to jump to conclusions as it is a matter of one or two days.

Kinjal brings Malti Devi inside and asks her if she wants tea or water but Malti Devi does not give a reply and slowly sobs instead.

Meanwhile, Barkha tells Ankush that Malti Devi is a dangerous woman and has come to take control of Anuj's money and property but Ankush asks her not to assume things.

Barkha says that Malti Devi will take control of Anuj's things and will surely throw them out of the house which makes Ankush sigh as Barkha cannot seem to think of anything else.

Ankush asks Barkha what is the right thing to do according to her to which Barkha replies that Anuj should put Malti Devi in an old age home like she did to him.

Hearing that Ankush says that Anuj will drown in guilt if something happens to Malti Devi which makes Barkha irritated.

At the same time, Pakhi thanks Adhik for bringing her out on a long drive after the stressful night they just had to which Adhik tells her that he is trying to make things better.

Pakhi tells Adhik that they should think about a baby which makes Adhik put a brake on the car and he says that they are just starting their new journey as a couple.

Pakhi says that she is ready mentally and asks Adhik to imagine their little family with a cute baby but Adhik does not seem to enjoy the thought.

Elsewhere, Anuj asks Anupama to leave him alone as he needs some time and Anupama stands outside the room hearing Anuj sob.

However, Anuj realizes his behaviour with Anupama and asks her to stay by his side after which Anupama apologizes to him for giving him so much sadness.

Anuj hugs Anupama and cries while he says that he cannot accept that woman as his mother as he knows how and why he was abandoned by his parents.

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