Anupama 25th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 25th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 25th April 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 25th April 2023 episode starts with Ankush encouraging Anuj to go to Anupama and talk to her about their relationship so that everything gets sorted between them.

Anuj sits there as a dead corpse and the picture of Anupama begging him to stop and not leave the house continues to play in his head.

Barkha and Adhik welcome Anupama at the office and Barkha hands her the file, asking her to sign the papers quickly and leave.

Anupama stares at the cabin which makes Barkha panic and she tells Anupama that they do not have much time to waste on Anupama and her drama so she should complete the signing quickly.

Anupama glares at Barkha and tells her that she wants to give a reminder of three things, first, whose name the entire business is, second, who the signing power belongs to, and third, one should not forget their position in their life.

Barkha tells Anupama that she is being impolite to which Anupama replies that Barkha was the one who started it.

Anupama asks Barkha to say please to her to sign the documents and Barkha follows Anupama with a clenched jaw.

Meanwhile, Pakhi and Kinjal pray to God that Anuj and Anupama meet each other and everything gets resolved between them but Toshu says that nothing like that should happen.

Toshu asks them if everything will happen according to Anuj's whims and if Anupama's feelings even matter anything to Anuj now.

Pakhi says that if Anuj has realized his mistake and is aware that whatever he did was wrong, then there is nothing bad in him asking for forgiveness from Anupama.

Toshu reminds them about how he asked for forgiveness from Kinjal but she refused him while Kinjal reminds him that he cheated on her and Anuj has not done anything like that.

However, Toshu still does not seem convinced and says that Anuj can leave Anupama again on another issue and Anupama is not supposed to spend her entire life in that fear of being abandoned.

Coming back to the office, Anupama sits to read the papers which makes Barkha nervous and she asks Anupama if she thinks that they are trying to snatch away things from her.

Anupama says that it is the basic etiquette to read business documents before signing and everything here belongs to Anuj solely.

Ankush asks Anuj to get out of the cabin and go to Anupama while Anuj freezes in front of the door, not being able to move.

Anuj says that he does not have the courage to go in front of Anupama after whatever he did to her but Ankush tells him that Anupama does not hold grudges against him.

Ankush decides to bring Anupama inside the cabin himself and asks Anuj to wait there patiently.

While Anupama is reading the papers, Ankush comes there and asks her to come inside the cabin to meet Anuj and brings her toward the room by holding onto her hands.

Anupama slowly opens the door to enter the cabin while Barkha seems to lose her mind but notices that no one is present inside.

Staff says that Anuj left from the other door and Anuj tells himself that he cannot go in front of Anupama anymore while running away from the office.

Anupama asks Ankush to stop looking for Anuj and says that she would be waiting for the day when Anuj comes in front of her while Anuj says that he might not come back again ever. 

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