Anupama 25th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 25th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 25th December 2023 episode starts with Anuj commanding people backstage, looking after dresses, and makeup preparations by himself.

He asks the DJ to play the music to check the quality and feels disturbed as an old Bollywood song starts playing, making him burst into anger.

One of the staff informs Anuj that their showstopper has not arrived yet and is unreachable as their flight is delayed for 3 hours to which Anuj says that he hates irresponsible people.

Anuj asks the staff to fire the person from the job and he would see them in court for breaching the contract terms after which the other staff questions Anuj about how they will manage things for the show.

Meanwhile, Anupama comes to the restaurant again and asks the waitress to let her in while showing the money.

The waitress asks Anupama to come inside the restaurant and serves her a bottle of water which Anupama opens in a hurry with happiness shining on her face.

Anupama gulps down the entire bottle in one go and thanks God for providing food for her after which she asks the waitress if she can get anything to eat with the remaining money.

The waitress says that she will manage something and brings some bread for Anupama which she deliciously munches on.

A man enters the restaurant and starts directing the staff on how they are slacking off from their work without essentially managing the place.

The janitor comes late to the restaurant and gets fired by the man who turns out to be the owner of the place which interests Anupama a lot.

Anupama approaches the man and tells him that she has come from India and faced a tragedy with her things being stolen by thieves.

The man says that Anupama should beg for things in her own country to which Anupama says that she is not begging but asking for help so that she can earn and live while her new passport gets ready.

Anupama says that she is a mother, housewife, businesswoman, and artist and wants to work to earn her money with honesty.

The man asks Anupama to do the work of the janitor as he fired them a bit ago to which Anupama agrees at once and requests if she can use the washroom which the man allows.

Elsewhere, the fashion show starts with foreign models walking the ramp after which Anuj himself enters as the showstopper and makes the event a success.

Anuj blows flying kisses to a girl standing in the crowd who cheers for him happily after which Anuj takes over the mic as the main speaker of the event.

After the token of thanks to all the promoters, designers, staff, etc, the reporters ask Anuj about his 5-year-old event management company which has already become one of the top ones.

Anuj says that his only inspiration and motivation is his daughter, Aadya after which the girl comes on stage and hugs her father.

At the same time, Anupama becomes quite friendly with the chef at the restaurant and helps him in his cooking with Anuj's show airing on the TV.

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