Anupama 25th February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 25th February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 25th February 2024 episode starts with Anupama sinking to the floor while crying which shocks Yashdeep and the restaurant employees.

They ask Anupama if she is all right while Anupama says that she loves Adhya very much and cannot even think of something bad happening to her because of her scolding that she gave her earlier.

Anupama fathoms a panic attack in the worst-case scenario while Yashdeep asks her to control herself as it is not her fault that things played out like that.

After Anupama sits back on the chair, Vikram hands her a dessert and asks her to eat it slowly to regain her distorted emotional condition.

Meanwhile, Adhya thinks about how easily Anupama exhibited herself as the victim and Adhya as the villain while Anuj understands that something big has happened between Anupama and Adhya.

With no words spoken, Anuj, Shruti, and Adhya reach home after which Shruti takes care of Adhya leading her to fall asleep.

Back at the restaurant, Yashdeep asks Anupama to dance as he has heard that dancers dance to convey their sorrow to which Anupama agrees and she says that she has left her passion of dance 5 years ago.

Anupama says that she needs to start dancing again with Yashdeep encouraging her to join an academy after which he asks Anupama to wait for 10 minutes.

At the same time, Anuj enters the bedroom and kisses Adhya's hands while she is asleep after which he tells Shruti that he is well aware of how difficult it is for her to sit there by Adhya's side when she has decided to leave.

Anuj tells Shruti that she can leave if she wants, to which Shruti replies that she is there because she wants to and will leave once Adhya is better.

While leaving, Anuj says that he did not become friends with Shruti just because of Adhya but because of Shruti's sweet personality and presence of mind and now she has become a habit of him and Adhya.

Shruti says that there is a difference between habit and need as habit can be left behind when one wants after which she mutters to herself that love was present from her side only.

The restaurant people surprise Anupama by turning the restaurant into a disco after which they play music and dance with Anupama which helps her to cheer up her mood.

Anupama feels refreshed while Yashdeep tells her that they should do things without suppressing their desires for later.

On the other hand, Dimpy scolds Ansh for tearing his friends' notebooks and stealing other people's items and Vanraj says that he will explain to Ansh in his own way.

Dimpy says that Vanraj's love has spoilt Ansh which is why they need to become more strict which does not sit right with Vanraj.

After the party, Yashdeep drops Anupama to Kinjal's house where they bump into Toshu who staggers around while being drunk, funnily greeting them.

Toshu introduces himself and asks Yashdeep if he drops all his female employees by himself at night or if is Anupama someone special to him which leaves Anupama stunned.

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