Anupama 25th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 25th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu catching Shruti red-handed and saying that whatever she did was doing is wrong then Shruti also burst over her and says that she didn't do anything wrong.

Shruti blames her and says that she is trying to steal Anuj from her after that Anu gets angry and says that if she wanted to be with Anuj then Adhya's anger nor her attitude would have stopped her from going close to Anuj.

She says that she is also a human being and has a heart that becomes emotional many times as she still loves Anuj but she knows that Anuj belongs to Shruti so she knows her limits and will never cross them.

Meanwhile, Shruti says that she has tied Anuj to her and asks Anu to go and tell Anuj so that their wedding can get broken while Anu says that she is not interested in doing such things.

Anu says that men also have sense so they do know what are they doing and she asks her to stop blaming her every time and try to be mature while Shruti again argues with her.

Anuj searches for Anu but cannot find her anywhere while Anu scolds Shruti and asks her to be within her limits and think before raising her voice over her and assures Shruti that she will bring her truth in front of everyone.

Shruti becomes worried while Anuj reaches the location where Anu and Shruti are there but he collides with a lady so he gets busy helping her after that Anu goes from there and says that Shruti is a very bad woman.

Anu wonders how will Shruti look after Anuj and Adhya and if they make any mistake then how will she treat them and if she does the same thing with them then what will happen?

She says that still Shruti does not regret doing wrong whereas Shruti after going home wonders that if Anu will tell the truth to Anuj then he will leave her and go along with Shruti.

Shruti imagines how Anuj would scold her for Anu while Anuj goes to Shah's house and asks for Anu after that she comes there and Baa says that she is standing behind him.

Anuj meets Anu and asks her why is she looking worried after that she starts crying Anuj asks for the reason but she does not tell the kids forcing everyone to play truth and dare along with them.

Shruti's chance comes first after which Anu asks her whether will she take truth or dare which makes Shruti take truth as an option and Anu is about to ask the question to her.

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