Anupama 25th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 25th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj scolding Aadya for her irrational questions and asks her to have some senses reminding her of a past incident that included Anupama and that what she did was the only valid thing to do to save everyone.

He says that he has had enough of Aadya's victim card and tells her that prioritizing someone's life over another's happiness is just humanity and not biasness.

He warns her to stop behaving badly with elders or else he will stop talking to her and he leaves.

Shruti tells her that it's her fault and she called for it asking her not to test Anuj's patience.

Meanwhile, Vanraj and their family return to see everything scattered while Kinjal tells them what happened.

Anupama says that she has been asking him to call Toshu back but he didn't listen and wonders what would have happened if the kids were there at home.

Hasmukh suggests calling Toshu back so he could file a complaint against those goons.

She further says that they will come again and they might use a gun next time and adds that he knows what is the result of gun shooting and recalls what has happened with Samar.

Kinjal pleads in front of Vanraj to call Toshu back as he says that he wasn't aware of the consequences or else he wouldn't have done this.

Meanwhile, Toshu misses his family and realizes that one gets to know the value of family when he is away from them.

Back home, Anupama says that she understands that it is tough for Vanraj to accept the reality since he is afraid to lose Toshu after Samar as he calls Tosh but he doesn't receive it.

Meanwhile, Toshu sees the robbers and hides from them while he overhears them saying that they will shoot him the next time they see him.

Concurrently, Vanraj says he has no idea where Toshu is and asks everyone to trust him saying that he asked him to return but he refused and swears on God that he has no clue where Toshu is.

Just then, Pari comes shouting which worries everyone as she says that she had a bad dream while she requests Kinjal to let her celebrate Holi with the entire family.

Vanraj assures her that she will celebrate Holi with everyone while Leela asks how will they celebrate Holi with all this happening as Anupama and Vanraj say that the kids do not have to pay for their mistakes.

Elsewhere, Anuj sits worried and Shruti comes there to check on him as she asks him if he is fine.

He replies that when kids make a mistake, their parents are responsible for it so he is responsible for Aadya's mistakes.

He says that he has failed to teach Aadya manners and etiquette as he can't tolerate the disrespect that Aadya shows to everyone.

He adds that he loves Aadya a lot but that doesn't give him license to let her disrespect the elders as he asks Shruti for the suggestions.

She says that he is right at every point as Aadya comes and apologizes to Anuj and he tells her not to repeat this mistake again.

On the flip side, Anupama and Vanraj talk to each other about Toshu and add that parents can only give values but can't write destiny.

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