Anupama 25th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 25th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Toshu's phone ringing after which Anu thinks about him and wonders why he served the food.

She asks him why he was in a hurry to serve the food to the critic after which Toshu asks her why is saying such then Anu says that she thinks he is responsible for ruining the biryani.

Toshu gives justification to her that she also knows the fact that he is afraid of cockroaches whether they are dead or alive and he says that he served the biryani early because she only taught him that biryani cannot be reheated.

Just then, Yashdeep comes along with Biji to the restaurant and gets to know what happened over there while Adhaya asks Shruti to come along with her to bring back Anuj from Spice and Chutney.

Shruti asks her to not panic and ruin her special day and she asks her to go for a movie along with her friends but Adhya does not agree with her whereas Anu just to Yashdeep that she is not careless.

Then, Toshu taunts her for leaving the biryani in between and attending the personal call after that Yashdeep scolds Anu for being unprofessional after that Anuj asks for an apology from him but Yash asks him to not interrupt in between.

Yash says that he came there to get good news and in return, he wanted to give her the surprise but her carelessness ruined everything today which breaks Anu's heart.

He says that today their restaurant is at stake due to which their reputation is also being ruined whereas Vanraj notices that Baapu ji is sitting in the hall after which he asks him why he is not sleeping.

Then, Baapu ji tells him that he is feeling anxious as Anu is not receiving his call neither Anuj Yash or Biji is receiving the call which makes Vanraj also wonder what has happened.

Meanwhile, Anu suffers from anxiety and Anuj offers her water but she does not drink it and starts crying and is not able to breathe after which Anuj hugs her and tries to console her.

Vanraj asks Baapu ji to sleep and he leaves a text message to Anu he calls Titu's friend to come and meet him whereas Anuj makes Anu feel that she is not wrong at her place so she should not feel guilty for it.

Anu says that she feels bad for Yash and Biji as she broke their trust by not doing things appropriately while Adhya comes there and yells at Anu for ruining her special day.

Anuj bursts over to Adhya and tries to make her realize that she is doing wrong by demeaning her mother Anu every time which makes Adhya feel bad but she says that she won't return without Anuj so Anu insists him go along with her.

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