Anupama 25th October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 25th October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 25th October 2023 episode starts with Anuj telling Anupama that the judge has ruled out their side and given the verdict that Sonu is innocent.

Anupama feels her world crumbling on hearing Anuj and almost loses er balance but Devika and Anuj help her to stand on her feet.

Devika says that she had an idea that the court scene would be like that only, given the time they have got to collect evidence and witnesses.

Anuj agrees with Devika and asks Anupama not to lose hope as they can go to the high court to reapply for the case if they are not satisfied with the local court verdicts.

Devika asks Anupama not to blame her in any way as Vinay's confession would be late to present in the court and might get proved as a false one.

Anupama says that she can never accept that the killer of her Samar will roam around freely while her family has to live in constant fear with which Anuj and Devika agree at once.

Suresh Rathore comes there with Sonu and laughs at Anupama and others as they say that justice has been served and finally his innocent son is free from accusations.

The media asks Suresh Rathore how he is feeling, to which Suresh replies that he is glad the court made the right decision.

Meanwhile, Malti Devi dances and remembers Anuj's words to her as she wants to make the household and family her own, where everyone obeys her commands without resistance.

Barkha says that she has an idea of what Malti Devi is trying to do and will not let the plan succeed as she hates the idea of that.

Meanwhile, Vanraj hears about the verdict from Anupama and Anuj after they reach the Shah house and goes crazy, saying that he has failed as a father.

Anupama says that Samar has not lost yet and this is the start of another war which tries to motivate the family members.

Dimple sits hopelessly on hearing that they have lost the case after which Anupama comes to her and asks her not to get worried as they will go to a higher court.

Suddenly, Suresh Rathore and Sonu come there with their bodyguards and shock the entire Shah family.

Suresh says that he has brought sweets for them to share his happiness as he considers the Shah family as his own people.

As Vanraj proceeds to beat them up, Suresh asks him to control himself as the whole scene is getting recorded.

Suresh goes around offering the sweets after which Vanraj accepts the sweets and says that they will win the next hearing in the high court which leaves Suresh with a bitter expression.

Everyone eats the sweets and stares proudly at Suresh while Anupama says that his son will surely be punished on this occasion of Dusshera.

At the same time, Romil tells Pakhi and Adhik that they both are compatible in shamelessness as they change their nature whenever they do not need Anupama.

Pakhi asks Romil to stay out of her personal matters but Romil asks her to remember that she refused to fight for her dead brother.

Malti Devi starts dance classes with Anu's friends but Barkha tells her that she should ask Anupama first as the entire house and empire belong to her.

Elsewhere, Dimple tells Anupama that they do not need to go to the high court as the whole family is falling apart with Toshu and Kinjal even leaving the country.

Anupama is shocked and confronts Toshu and Kinjal to find out why they made such a decision suddenly.

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