Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 25th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 25th September 2023 episode starts with Kinjal and Dimple working in the kitchen in their separate parts when suddenly Dimple starts feeling dizzy.

Kinjal asks Dimple if she is feeling all right to which Dimple replies that she is okay and tries to hold onto herself and her state of mind.

Hasmukh and Kavya tell Malti Devi to ask for anything she needs and not worry about what the others will think while Malti Devi thanks them for helping her out even though they are strangers.

Malti Devi starts crying as she thinks about Anuj and says that she does not deserve to be a mother while Kavya tries to stop Malti Devi from constantly blaming herself.

Kavya notices Leela standing at a distance and comes to her so that she does not attack Malti Devi suddenly but Leela says that she does not even want to let such a woman stay in their house for a moment.

Leela comes to Malti Devi and asks her what she has thought about going anywhere else and asks her the time and place for which she should prepare the ticket.

Malti Devi says that she will leave in a few days to which Leela asks her what "few days" means in that context which makes Hasmukh angry and he comes rushing to Leela, asking her to shut her mouth.

Leela says that Malti Devi does not even belong to her own son and asks Malti Devi how shameless she is to still breathe carelessly after hearing such things from her child the previous night.

Malti Devi lowers her head and starts shedding tears while Hasmukh asks Leela to stop her words and Leela asks Hasmukh if he is going against her for Malti Devi.

Meanwhile, Anupama sits with Anuj sleeping on her lap and says sorry to him for digging into his old wounds in the hope of actually filling them.

Anupama stares at Anuj peacefully sleeping when she gets a call from Leela and gets shocked.

Hasmukh asks Leela why she called Anupama for that matter to which Leela says that Anupama is the one who has sent the problem to their house.

Leela says that she cannot tolerate Malti Devi in her house but Hasmukh announces that she will stay with them until she has a place to go.

Kinjal and Kavya sit and discuss the matter when Dimple almost falls due to dizziness and they help her to sit and relax a bit.

Kavya talks about how she wants to eat something all the time and Kinjal shares her experience of pregnancy which fascinates Dimple.

Elsewhere, Pakhi tells Anupama that she and Adhik have thought about a baby which makes Anupama explain to Pakhi that baby is a not a means to perfect a relationship and she should think numerous times before deciding something.

Pakhi says that she is ready but Anupama reminds her that a baby should only come when both parents are ready to bear the responsibility.

Later, Anupama gets Hasmukh's call and tells Anuj that they do not need to go to the Shah house after which Anuj tells Anupama that he has finalized a center for Malti Devi where she will be taken care of.

Anupama gets shocked to hear Anuj's decision but Anuj says that he will not change his decision and after the Ganesh Utsav, Malti Devi has to go away from his life.

Anupama thinks about how she will convince Anuj to change his opinions as he is not ready to hear anything.

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