Anupama 26th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 26th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 26th December 2023 episode starts with a lady enjoying Chole Bhature in the restaurant and telling herself that she is ready to do an extra workout for food's sake.

Vikram, the chef gets another bhatura ready and asks Anupama to serve that to the lady as she is their regular customer.

Anupama comes to the lady and serves the bhatura on her plate while the lady asks Anupama not to call her madam and instead, addresses her as Shruti.

Shruti feels loved on hearing Anupama's caring words while Anupama asks her to eat the bhatura with chutney to get a better taste.

Anupama admits that she is a new employee at that place after Shruti asks her.

Shruti clicks a picture of Anupama as she is a photographer and tends to click pictures of things she loves.

Shruti gets interrupted by a call as she is about to ask Anupama her name and gets engaged in the conversation while Anupama takes her leave from that table.

After the call ends, Shruti spots someone outside the restaurant and comes to him who turns out to be none other than Anuj himself.

Anuj asks Shruti to stop taunting him about his being the showstopper in the earlier event but Shruti says that Anuj did a great job as a model.

Anupama watches Shruti talking to some man outside the restaurant but cannot see the man's face because of people standing in front of him.

Anuj asks Shruti to sit in the front of the car after which he also gets inside and drives away with Anupama standing in front of the glass.

Shruti asks Anuj if he has anything to tell her to which Anuj says that he wishes that Aadhya uses social media a bit less as it is not good for her age.

Anuj says that social media is useful when used within a limit to which Shruti agrees and she tells Anuj that she will talk about it to Aadhya.

Shruti says that she needs to talk to Anuj about the marriage which makes Anuj restless and Shruti says that she wants to know when he is ready to marry her.

Anuj says that they are already engaged to each other and Shruti even lives with them so there is no hurry but Shruti says that she wants to become Shruti Anuj Kapadia.

Meanwhile, the day ends at the restaurant with Anupama finishing the cleaning of the kitchen when the owner checks how Anupama has done her work.

The owner says that Anupama has done a nice job after which he keeps Anupama as the janitor of the restaurant.

Anupama asks the owner if she can sleep in the restaurant to which he allows her to sleep in the storage room which makes Anupama happy.

Vikram tells Anupama to eat the food that is leftover after which Anupama serves herself on a plate and thanks God for showing her the value of food and water.

Elsewhere, Shruti finds out that her bag has been exchanged with someone else's and it is Anupama's suitcase which has come instead.

Anuj gets reminded of Anupama on seeing the clothes inside after which he asks Shruti not to look at someone else's things while Anupama also finds out that it is not her bag.

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