Anupama 26th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 26th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu going to ask certain questions from Shruti but she starts acting like she is having pain in her internal stitches which makes everyone worried.

Anuj asks her what happened after which she lies to him that she is having pain then Leela asks her if she can make kaadha for her but she refuses to have it.

Then, Hasmuk asks Anuj to take her to the hospital after which Anuj says that it's normal as the doctor has said that few days she will have the pain Adhya also packs her bag and goes along with Anuj and Shruti.

Anu taunts Shruti and asks her to take care of herself after that she meets Vanraj and warns him from doing anything wrong as she keeps keeping eyes on him while Vanraj says that he does not want her interruption in his life.

Then, she murmurs that she will not let anyone destroy Dimpy's wedding whereas Shruti murmurs that what does Anu think of herself after that, she just receives a call from Anu and she tells her that she isn't that bad that she will ruin Dimpy's wedding by creating all these chaos.

She says that for her the happiness of her close ones is far more important so she will not hurt them but she can hurt strangers pointing out at Shruti and says that she is willing, to tell the truth to everyone but she does not want to hurt Adhya and Anuj's emotions.

After that, Shruti cuts the call and asks what Anu thinks of her while Anuj comes there and asks her what happened then Shruti lies to him that Mrs. Smith is pestering her again and again.

Anuj asks her to not get involved in her after that he gives medicines to Shruti and on next day Leela asks Dimpy to get ready for a ritual in which her uncle is required but she refuses and says that she does not have an uncle.

Anu comes there and says that every ritual will take place and this ritual will be performed by someone special and she comes along with Bhawesh for the ritual which makes Dimpy happy.

Then, they come inside the house and Kavya's hand slips due to which Anu collides with Anuj and he saves her from falling while Anuj taunts them so Anu goes from there while Anuj comes behind her.

He tries to talk to her but she behaves like that she is not interested in talking to him and she goes to the function where Titu assures everyone that he will take utmost care of Dimpy.

Yash meets Anu and discusses Shruti and what she did then Anuj also comes behind her and he overhears their conversation which makes Anuj angry. 

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