Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 26th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu joining hands in front of Anuj and requesting him to look after Adhya and she asks for an apology from her too.

After that, she is about to leave but her saree gets stuck in Anuj's watch then she removes it from the watch and goes from there whereas  Adhya holds Anuj's hand tightly.

Meanwhile, the staff of Spice and Chutney defends Anu and says that she cannot do such kind of things after that Yash says that he knows that Anu hasn't done anything but she should not attend the call leaving the biryani.

He says that Anu always loses her focus whenever Kapadia calls her whereas Toshu leaves the restaurant after that Rahul says that it seems Toshu is responsible for it which makes Yash angrier.

Biji asks him to talk to a good lawyer and be prepared for the upcoming things whereas Bapu ji wakes up in the morning and says that he is feeling anxious.

Leela also says that she is feeling the same then Vanraj comes there and asks them to not worry while Kinjal gets to know about the news of spice and chutney.

Toshu says that the food critic has found a cockroach in the biryani and now the restaurant will be closed because the rules in the U.S.A. are strict and he makes fun of Anu.

Kinjal asks him to not make fun of her as she is his mother then Toshu says that she blamed him for serving the biryani early while Kinjal also doubts that Toshu has mixed the cockroach in the dish.

Toshu starts laughing and says that she can never proof it that he mixed the cockroach in the dish whereas Anu is sitting on the road and she notices the same man taking away another lady on the same road where he took her and snatched her money and belongings.

She runs behind him and stops him and starts beating him after that her breakdown takes place and she complains to god about the things happening to her for which she is not responsible.

Anu says that she is not careless whereas people on the street make videos of Anu which makes her feel bad Shruti asks Anuj why are they suffering from Anu's mistake which makes him angry and says that it's foul play.

Anuj says that he will make sure and find out who has done it after that he blames Adhya for misbehaving with Anu after that he receives a voice note from Kinjal that Anu is missing after which he goes to find her.

Meanwhile, Anu complains to god and thinks that her mother presence over there and she tries to console her after which Anu says that she won't let her leave her alone.

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