Anupama 27th August 2023 Written Update

Anupama 27th August 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 27th August 2023 episode starts with Adhik sitting in the living room while Romil roams around the room with his hoverboard and listening to music.

Adhik and Romil's fight injure Pakhi

Adhik remembers how Romil taunted him when he got caught by Anupama and made savage comments regarding him at the breakfast table which made him angry.

Adhik takes a puzzle block piece lying on the table and throws it in front of the overboard making Romil fall on his face to the floor.

Romil gets triggered after Adhik laughs at him deliberately and attacks Adhik to beat him up while calling Adhik a "wife-beater".

Adhik replies to Romil that at least he is not an illegitimate son of any person which is much worse than beating one's wife.

Pakhi comes there and separates Romil and Adhik saying that everyone will be upset if they see Adhik and Romil fighting with each other after returning.

Adhik pushes Pakhi away and starts attacking Romil while Pakhi again starts to stop Adhik but gets thrashed by him in anger making her hit her head on the table corner.

Romil stands in shock seeing Pakhi's condition making Adhik freeze when Anupama screams Pakhi's name along with other adults standing by her.

Anupama comes running to Pakhi and helps her get up to witness that Pakhi's head is bleeding which triggers Anupama.

Romil tells everyone that Adhik attacked him first and deliberately tried to beat him up just like Barkha the previous night which Anupama herself witnessed.

As Romil talks about how Adhik beats Pakhi, Adhik says that it is a personal matter between them. Still, Anupama interrupts him saying that it is not a personal matter anymore.

Anuj scolds both Adhik and Romil harshly saying that they never learn from their past mistakes and repeat the same thing after which he asks them to go to their own rooms.

Anupama makes Pakhi confess the truth

After Adhik leaves, Anupama asks Pakhi if she got pushed by Adhik in anger but Pakhi says that Adhik mistakenly pushed her as he did not notice her in the middle of the fight.

Seeing Pakhi not confessing to Adhik's mistake, Anupama says that everything is Romil's fault and he cannot stay in that house anymore which shocks Pakhi.

Pakhi accepts that it was Adhik who started the fight and almost accepts that she got pushed deliberately by Adhik until the last moment when she changes her statement again.

Anupama says that she will not tolerate any more fighting or violence in the house and will throw out the next person who causes an issue.

Romil feels frustrated as to why everyone is tolerating a person like Adhik and feels like Pakhi should thrash Adhik for his crimes.

Adhik regrets his violence against Pakhi and thinks about how he can save himself but tries to relax as Pakhi will not let anything happen to him.

Dimple conducts a social gathering

Meanwhile, Leela asks Kinjal to go to her mother's house and meet her for a bit but Kinjal seems reluctant to leave all the chores to Kavya and Leela.

Kavya assures Kinjal that everything will be fine but feels pain in her stomach suddenly.

Dimple says that she has called her friends home for a get-together and takes money from Samar for food and snacks while Leela says that Dimple could have cooked.

Dimple asks Leela not to make a scene in front of her friends after Leela remains distant from the guests and sits at a distance.

Adhik uses his abusive manipulation 

Elsewhere, Adhik says that Pakhi has complained about him to Anupama while Pakhi says that Anupama was blaming Romil for everything.

Adhik gets physical once again and shouts at Pakhi asking her if Romil comes first for her than her own husband.

Pakhi starts crying which brings Adhik to his senses and he begs for forgiveness from Pakhi saying that he gets angry seeing Pakhi's actions and cannot control it.

Adhik lies in Pakhi's lap mumbling sorry while Pakhi says that she understands him making Adhik smirk as he needs to play smartly.

At the same time, Anuj cracks some jokes making Anupama laugh as she seems tense after the fight incident.

Anuj says that they need to handle Adhik and Romil as they can commit some serious issues next time to which Anupama agrees and she says that she has kept a puja at the temple for her family and Kavya.

As Anuj asks what is wrong with Kavya, Anupama remembers Vanraj's words and says that Kavya is very lonely these days.

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