Anupama 27th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 27th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu asking Anuj not to take any action against Shruti but he does not listen to her and directly goes to see Shruti.

Adhya also becomes worried after seeing this side of Anuj and Anu asks him not to say anything to Shruti but he calls Shruti and asks her how she dared to do wrong with Anu.

Shruti asks him to come along with her to the hotel and then discuss it but Anuj says that he will not go anywhere and discuss it in front of everyone because Anu also faces humiliation in front of everyone.

Leela asks Anuj to not create chaos in front of guests as it will ruin Dimpy's function but he does not stop and tells everyone that Anu faced so much of tough things just because of Shruti.

He says that Mrs. Smith did all the things just because Shruti asked her to do so after that Dimpy asks Anuj if Anu knew about it.

Then, Anuj says that she knows everything but she does not tell anyone because she does not want to ruin the wedding while Anuj says that everything is crystal clear.

After that, Anuj says that Shruti did everything intentionally to hurt Anu while Yash also supports Anu then Vanraj taunts Anu because Yash and Anuj both are fighting on Anu's behalf.

Yash gives a befitting reply to Vanraj while Shruti tells Anuj that she did all these things to remove Anu from their house so that his and Anu's story wouldn't start again.

She says that she was jealous of Anu so she did it after that Anuj says that she did wrong by doing bad things as it made other people suffer due to it.

Anuj says that now any explanation won't change his mindset regarding her while Shruti asks him why does he not love her the way he admires and loves Anu.

She says that she is much far better than Anu and is ready to do anything for Adhya and him but still, he does not love her after that Devika also scolds her for doing wrong things with Anu.

Shruti says that she won't understand the pain she has suffered from but Devika lashes her out whereas Anuj removes the engagement ring from his hand which makes Shruti anxious.

Anuj tells Shruti that if she had done this thing to someone else then he would have thought of forgiving her but she has done wrong to Anu so he won't forgive her and says that he wants to end every relationshi with her.

After that, Shruti realizes that she did wrong and she asks Anu to tell the truth if she loves Anuj or not after which Anu accepts it and says that she loves Anuj a lot which breaks Yash's heart while Vanraj makes fun of his emotions whereas Anu says that Anuj will be happier if he lives with Shruti.

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