Anupama 27th March 2024 Written Update

Anupama 27th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Titu about to apply colors to Dimpy when Vanraj comes and pushes him away as he asks him to leave while Anupama comes in between.

She asks Titu to leave and says that he should be bothered about Titu and not this.

They all leave while Yashdeep finds Anupama a little tensed and asks her if she is fine.

They apply colors to each other and wish happy Holi while Anupama praises Spice and Chutney stalls.

The celebration again starts with music and beats while everyone dances as Anupama notices a dhol player approaching Kinjal.

She goes there and pushes him away as she realizes that it is Toshu in disguise and tries to run away.

She finally catches him and exposes him to everyone.

They all are shocked to see Toshu as Pari gets happy seeing him and hugs him while he gets emotional as Anupama sends Pari away.

Meanwhile, Vanraj recalls getting a call from Toshu when he was home asking Toshu to return telling him what happened in his absence and asks him to return.

Back to the present, Toshu goes to Kinjal and apologizes to her for all the problems she has to face because of him.

Kinjal says that he can't keep saying sorry again and again and accuses him of not loving family.

He says that loves them and that's the reason he returned while Anupama says he didn't come in his own will but has been asked to come.

She recalls her conversation with Kinjal, Dimpy, and Kavya after the robbers had warned Kinjal when she says that it's important to bring Toshu back and Vanraj will do this.

He indeed loves him a lot but when he sees what happened today the hw will get worried.

She further adds that Vanraj loves his family too and it's good that Toshu returns for Pari, Kinjal, and himself.

Back to the present, Anupama says that she was doubtful about the plan but knew that if she had a little love for his family then she would return as it was important.

She says that he has always given him pain and doubts her parenting while she asks him to at least be a good father and a husband as she calls him selfish.

Toshu says that he was scared while Anupama says that he is always scared of the punishment and not the wrongdoings.

She then takes him to the police station asking him to confess his crime while he requests her to spare her as she reminds him of the time when the police took her to jail.

She says that she has made her heart strong and is not going to forgive him while she stays adamant about taking him to the station.

Vanraj asks her to forgive him as he has realized his mistake while Anupama says that he realizes his mistakes and keeps repeating them.

Vanraj asks Anuj if would do the same if Aadya makes any mistake but he says that it depends on the situation.

Vanraj says that whatever might be the case Toshu won't go to jail and Anupama asks him to back off or she will tell the cops that he is supporting a criminal.

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