Anupama 27th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 27th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Kinjal doing a video call with Kavya and Dimpi and discussing the tragedy that happened with Anu.

Kavya asks why always wrong happens with Anu then Kinjal tells her that she called Anuj and got to know that Adhya also misbehaved with Anu after which Kavya says that Anu's professional and personal life both have been ruined.

Kinjal asks Kavya to not discuss this thing with anyone in the Shah family after which Kavya also asks her to handle Toshu and ask him to not tell about Vanraj then Kinjal says that she will try her best but Toshu never listens to her.

Just then, Vanraj comes there and notices them crying so he asks them what happened after which Kinjal lies to him that they were discussing kids and they felt bad.

Vanraj asks about Anu so Kinjal lies to him that she is busy with her work which is why she doesn't get a chance to meet Anu after that Vanraj asks her to meet Anupama soon.

Meanwhile, Anu sleeps on the bench in the street and Anuj passes through the way and notices her over there after which he goes to see her and requests her to come back home along with him.

He tells her that he talked to a food critic and she won't complain to the higher authority right now but still for precaution, they should take a bit of legal advice so he insists Anu return home.

Anu agrees to him while Shruti is about to meet someone and she notices Anu coming home along with Anuj after which he asks her where is she going.

Shruti lies to him that she is going to meet her friends after which Anuj asks her to give him ten minutes then he will also come after which Shruti says that she will go on her own and she asks him to look after Anu.

On the next day, negative news spread against Anu in the newspaper after which Vanraj calls her and asks her to not attend Titu and Dimpi's wedding because he does not want to ruin his family image just because of her which hurts Anu.

Anu starts receiving too many calls after which she suffers from anxiety Anuj tries to handle her but she locks herself in a room and says that she hasn't done anything.

Anuj requests Anu to open the door after that vase breaks from her hand while Yash drinks alcohol and watches the news about spice and chutney while Biji feels worried for him.

Meanwhile, Vanraj asks the Shah family to break every relationship with Anu after which Kavya takes a stand for her whereas Adhya complains to Anuj that due to Anu's fault, she has to suffer in school.

Anu goes to Spice and Chutney and notices that health department people are throwing away things here and there which breaks her heart.

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