Anupama 28th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 28th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 28th December 2023 episode starts with Anupama standing shocked as the smoke alarm goes off inside the restaurant.

Vikram enters the restaurant and panics after hearing the alarm, instantly extinguishing the diya.

Anupama gets upset on seeing Vikram putting out the diya after which she says that she just wanted to do puja by lighting the diya in front of God.

Vikram tells Anupama that there are smoke alarms everywhere in the restaurant except the kitchen which is why she should get the diya out of there to do the puja.

Anupama asks Vikram to get her a tulsi tree so that she can do puja outside on her own after which she goes outside and lights up the diya in a corner, wishing good things for her family.

As Anupama comes inside the restaurant, Shruti stops her car in front of the restaurant with Aadhya when Aadhya asks Shruti if she has come to eat Chole Bhature at the restaurant.

Shruti says that she has come to get her luggage back after which Aadhya says that she is waiting outside for her until she is done with her business.

Aadhya stands outside the restaurant while Shruti comes inside and apologises to Anupama for looking at her luggage without permission.

Anupama also says that she has also looked into the luggage to know the identity of the owner while Shruti says that she needs to leave as her daughter's competition is there.

Aadhya's face is not visible from inside the restaurant and Anupama wishes Shruti the best of luck as she watches them leave from inside.

Anupama takes out the photo of her children and says that she almost lost it which scared her a lot.

Meanwhile, Anuj prays to Lord Krishna to give him back the old Choti he used to love as Aadhya has changed a lot after the incident 5 years ago.

At the same time, Dimpy remembers how she enjoyed her time with Teetu after she saw a dance event poster but Vanraj's restriction to dance, makes her walk away.

Teetu appears to meet Dimpy after 5 years and asks her if she has not remembered him for the past years to which Dimpy fails to answer.

Dimpy comes back home and watches Vanraj standing outside after which she feels relieved that Vanraj did not see Teetu.

Elsewhere, Anupama prepares masala tea for herself and Vikram which she refers to as special with the masala being prepared by her.

Vikram says that he will show Anupama everything she needs to do to get back her passport as she cannot live in the country without a legal passport.

Later, Yashpal (the owner) enters the restaurant and finds something different about the place while all the workers gather in the kitchen with nervousness on their faces.

Yashpal asks everyone to gather in front of him after which he asks who among the staff has made masala tea, leaving Anupama anxious.

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