Anupama 28th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 28th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 28th January 2024 episode starts with Kinjal comforting Anupama and telling her that Toshu is very wrong to behave in such a manner with her.

Anupama asks Kinjal to stand up for herself as adjustment does not mean getting suppressed under one's husband's feet and it is giving Pari the wrong lessons regarding life.

Kinjal says that she is fed up with trying to handle both ends by herself and is searching for relief after which Anupama asks her to calm down and they decide to stay together for the night.

Yashdeep comes back to Biji and tells her not to worry about Anupama as she can fight others easily in her life, even though her own children stand against her.

Biji acts surprised to hear Yashdeep talking about women and their experiences after which she changes the topic into asking him whether he is in love with someone to which Yashdeep strongly rejects the matter.

Meanwhile, Ansh cheats in the game which makes Ishani and Mahi taunt him as a cheater when Vanraj arrives home and faces Pakhi who asks him when he is going to talk to Hasmukh regarding the construction of the tower.

Vanraj says that he will discuss the matter whenever he wants while Pakhi reminds him that she also has a part in the property.

As Vanraj sits and proceeds to have some snacks, a ball hits him and Ansh says that Mahi is the one who did it.

However, Mahi tells Vanraj that they are sorry to play cricket inside the house, addressing him as her father.

Vanraj shouts at Mahi to not call him her father while Kavya comes and asks Vanraj why he is shouting at the child like that.

Kavya is left stunned as Vanraj says that Mahi should not call him father anymore as he is not her father and Kavya should tell Mahi the truth instead.

The next morning, Anupama notices the dirty kitchen and cleans everything to prepare breakfast for everyone after which Kinjal comes and thanks Anupama for doing so much for her sake.

Anupama serves breakfast for Kinjal after which Kinjal gets a call from her boss and panics as she has missed a deadline due to Pari being sick.

Kinjal leaves for her office while Anupama asks her to return in time as she needs to attend her meeting after which Toshu comes there and spots Anupama talking to Pari.

Anupama asks Pari if she wants to eat her cooked food and notices Toshu silently standing which leads to a flashback of the previous night.

Kinjal tells Toshu that they should let Anupama stay with them in their house as it will save them from hiring any servant or nanny to look after Pari and Anupama will also get a place to live with her family.

Toshu understands the matter silently while Kinjal says that she is being selfish because she is unable to handle things by herself anymore.

Back in the present, Toshu says sorry to Anupama and leaves after which Anupama is late for her meeting as Kinjal arrives late from her office.

Anuj meets Yashdeep at the venue and waits for his team in the hope that Miss Joshi will be there while both of them talk about love and poetic lines.

Anupama arrives in a hurry and stands behind Anuj after which he turns around and faces Anupama face-to-face leaving both him and Anupama frozen in their places.

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