Anupama 28th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama 28th June 2023 Written Update

Anupama 28th June 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 28th June 2023 episode starts with Anupama getting shocked at seeing such lavishing thali cooked for her especially as she has never received such a pampering treatment by anyone except Anuj.

Anupama stares at Leela with emotional eyes and asks her if she is the one who cooked those dishes.

Kinjal says that Leela is the main chef while she and Dimple assisted her in making this platter and the desserts too.

Anupama smiles heartily on hearing that and says that she does not have the heart to eat from that plate as it looks so good to look at.

Leela takes a spoonful of food from the platter and feeds Anupama herself which Anupama accepts with a smile and love.

Anupama says that the taste will never change throughout her life and hugs Leela for doing so much for her with so much effort put in by her.

Leela says that such little efforts are not enough to compensate Anupama for whatever Leela did to her for those 26 years as Anupama never got to enjoy her favourite dishes in this house.

Anupama feels heartfelt as Leela feeds her with her own hands and Kanta says that even though she has a complaint from Leela all this life, her heart sincerely wishes that the Shah family stays happy together.

Kanta also joins in feeding Anupama and Anupama finishes the food relishingly, thanking everyone for doing so much for her sake.

However, everyone asks Anupama to give a pause to her thank you speech as the show is not over yet and they have more to show her.

Kinjal and Leela cover Anupama's eyes and make her sit on a white throne after which the lights get dimmed and Samar announces the start of a special performance.

Anupama asks them what is going on but sits silently after Vanraj asks her to hold her curiosity so that they can start.

The performance starts with Kanta narrating Anupama's childhood and Meenu posing as young Anupama, free of any duties.

Anupama watches herself growing up through the years in front of her eyes and finds herself shedding tears as those days can't be resumed again.

Leela and Toshu act as Leela and Vanraj while Kinjal becomes Anupama to show the marriage of Anupama and Vanraj which stopped Anupama's life after a certain age.

Anupama sees herself cooped up in the kitchen and following Leela's commands and remembers the past when she was just nothing by herself.

The moment when Anupama was stopped from going to America by getting pregnant brings back painful emotions in Anupama's heart and she cries while watching.

Anupama watches Kavya posing as her and getting taunted by her husband and children after which the affair incident makes her get a divorce from Vanraj.

Samar and Dimple play Anuj and Anupama and narrate their love story making Anupama laugh heartily on remembering that phase.

Finally, Anupama finds the skit coming to an end after Kinjal shows how Anupama will be leaving and reaching the highest heights of the sky soon.

Meanwhile, Maaya reads Anuj's poetry written over his gifts and gets angry as she cannot bear to see them together.

Maaya questions herself about how she would control herself and thinks of a permanent solution that would end this problem.

Back at the Shah house, Anupama hugs everyone and says that she just witnessed her entire life in front of her eyes.

Leela talks about how she never accepted Anupama as a daughter as well as a daughter-in-law and apologizes to Anupama with folded hands.

Anupama stops Leela while both Leela and Vanraj say that they are very happy to see Anupama fulfilling her dreams and ask her to not stop for anyone this time.

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