Anupama 28th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 28th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Shruti asking Anu if she should have cleared this thing earlier as this thing does not matter now as she does not want the three of them to suffer.

She asks her to not sacrifice her love for her and says that not everyone gets true love in their life and in AK's life no one can take Anu's place.

Shruti asks Adhya to behave maturely and says that Anu has sacrificed a lot for her and not everyone gets her mother's love and she asks Adhya to patch up with Anu.

Adhya starts crying and she hugs Shruti after she asks Anu and Anuj to become one and says that she is not saying this in anger but in reality she wants them to be together.

She asks for an apology from Anu and says that she didn't have any wrong intentions after that she asks for an apology from Dimpy and Titu too.

After that, she asks Leela and Hashmuk to give her an apology and she will ask Mrs. Smith to remove all the allegations from Spice and Chutney and say that she is not a bad woman.

Shruti says that she is not bad and she wants AK and Anu to be back together before she changes her decision whereas Anu bows down her head and does not says anything.

Then, Shruti goes from there while Adhya also goes running behind her Anuj tries to stop her but she does not listen whereas Vanraj taunts Anu and says that earlier she used to say that Kavya broke her house but this time very cleverly she broke Shruti's home before her wedding.

Yash gets angry and asks him to not say anything to Anu while Vanraj taunts him to not confess his feelings to Anu and asks her if she should have informed him about their affair.

Anu gets angry and asks him to behave maturely but Vanraj says that she will never be happy along with Anuj and will face many things in her life after that Anu goes from there and recalls Anuj's words that he will not forgive anyone misbehaving with Anu.

She becomes numb after recalling everyone's words and tears roll down from her eyes after she recalls Vanraj's words and Adhya's crying voice that she wants Shruti in her life which makes Anu anxious and she asks God why she suffers every time.

Meanwhile, Shruti after returning to the house starts crying while Anuj is not able to face her after that she asks Anuj to live for himself and Anu while she wonders how she comes between Shruti and Anuj.

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