Anupama 28th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 28th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anuj trying to explain health dept to not dismantle the belongings of spice and chutney but they don't stop.

Anu also requests them but they ignore her while Anuj notices Mr. Dhillon sitting in a corner and lost in grief after which Anu asks them to go outside and sit but they don't go.

Anuj feels bad and helpless for them while Anu yells at the health dept for breaking things after which they send her outside of the restaurant and the media asks Anuj what is happening there.

Just then, senior health dept people come there and take away Anu's trophy but she requests them to not take it away then he says that she does not deserve it so they will take it away which breaks Anu's heart and she starts crying.

They don't listen and push her away her hands start bleeding and go from there while other people seal the restaurant which surprises Anu and Yash.

She requests them to not close the restaurant but he gives a weird look to Anu and tells in media that until further notice it will remain closed and goes from there while Anu cries her lungs out.

She notices her family photo inside the restaurant which makes her feel bad Mr. Gulati comes there and makes fun of her saying that business is not that easy for everyone.

He laughs at Yash and Anu and goes from there whereas the media asks Anu to answer questions after that they ask Biji to answer but Anu asks them to stay away from her which makes Yash angry.

Yash asks Anu to leave her mother and don't show fake kindness to him and his mother which surprises Anu and Biji while Yash scolds Anu for not doing things carefully.

He blames Anu for not being careful and being busy with her ex-family members after that he tells her that he took a hefty loan to open another branch of Spice and Chutney.

Anu feels guilty for it while Yash asks her to go from there and look after her husband and kids as she is good for nothing after that everyone starts throwing stones at Anu and Biji.

Biji gets unconscious but people don't stop throwing stones at them while Anu cries and requests them to not throw stones then Biji suddenly wakes up and Anu asks her to trust her.

Anu asks Biji and Yash to not hate her after that police come there to manage the crowd while Anu becomes unconscious after that Anuj takes her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Baapu ji's health also deteriorates while Toshu does a video call to Vanraj and tells him everything whereas Anu gets conscious and goes to see Toshu and scolds him for showing hatred in such a way. 

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