Anupama 29th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 29th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 29th December 2023 episode starts with Yashpal asking the staff who among them has prepared masala tea as there is the aroma of that drink inside the restaurant.

Anupama stands anxiously thinking that she has committed something wrong and gets flashbacks about the first night in America when she regretted coming to the country.

Anupama starts crying and asks Yashpal not to throw her out of the restaurant as she has nowhere to go in this unknown place.

Yashpal says that Anupama will need to make more of the masala after smelling it but Anupama continues to murmur that she will never make tea again as per his request.

Vikram asks Anupama to calm down as Yashpal is not throwing her out of the restaurant and is instead asking her to prepare more masala for the tea that she has made.

Anupama opens her eyes in relief and calms down a bit as she realizes that she is not getting jobless again in this foreign land.

Yashpal announces that he wants the masala tea included in the menu which leaves Anupama overwhelmed with joy.

Vikram tells Yashpal about Anupama's need to visit the police station for her lost passport to which Yashpal asks Vikram to take her in the break time.

Anupama agrees to make a list of the ingredients needed to make the masala tea after which she moves to do her work in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Anuj happily shares the news that Aadhya has won the racing competition while Shruti points out that he is also using social media like a teenager.

Anuj says that he has to use social media as it is such great news for him after which Aadhya comes with the trophy, giving to her father as a gift.

Aadhya hugs both Anuj and Shruti and says that she has won because of Shruti as she has made her practice very hard.

They decide to eat outside to celebrate Aadhya coming at first place and Shruti recommends they go to the Indian restaurant she visits frequently.

During the break time, Vikram asks Anupama to go alone as he has written down the directions and address to the police station on the paper.

Anupama leaves the restaurant while Anuj and Shruti come inside with Anuj complaining that Anu should have come with them instead of meeting her friends.

Anuj almost feels Anupama's presence and settles down after which Shruti orders masala tea as it is a new menu.

Meanwhile, Aadhya bids farewell to her friends and stands shocked as she spots Anupama coming out of the restaurant.

Anupama bumps into Aadhya and proceeds to ask her a question but Aadhya runs away from there without paying any attention to Anupama.

Anuj feels the taste of Anupama's hands as he drinks the masala tea after which Aadhya comes running to him and demands to go home instantly.

On the other hand, Dimpy faces Vanraj as he scolds her for talking to a man at night even though it was just an ex-student of hers.

Dimpy starts crying as she notices Teetu sending messages to her, knowing well that she is trapped in the house forever.

Meanwhile, after returning home, Aadhya locks herself inside her room while Anuj tells Shruti that Aadhya is acting the same as 5 years ago when he brought her to America.

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