Anupama 29th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 29th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Kavya and Kinjal wondering where Anupama has gone while Baapu ji prays to god to improve the things going on in Anu's life.

Meanwhile, Anu curses herself and asks why she has become the reason for the separation between Anuj and Shruti suddenly the wind blows very fast when Anuj comes over there and it starts to rain heavily.

Anuj tells Anu that she should not consider herself responsible for the things that have happened as he was tied to responsibilities which he could not deny.

He says that he cannot see her crying like this as his heart has been aching since day one when he decided to marry Shruti just for Adhya.

Anuj says that many women came into his life but Shruti came into his life more than the things that other women did to him as he came in the form of a mother to Adhya but still, she couldn't come close to him as much as she is close to him.

He says that he has only loved Anu in his whole lifetime no matter what and Shruti even knows that he has only loved her since the day he learned the real meaning of love.

Anu starts crying when Anuj says these things while Anuj says that he cannot give her place to anyone in his life which melts Anu's heart.

Anuj says that these last five years were very tough for him as Adhya started loving Shruti because she gave all the love to her which Adhya craved in the past five years.

Anu asks Anuj to calm down and not blame himself for the things after that Anuj hugs her and says that he will wait for her forever no matter what while Anu goes from there.

She returns home and starts crying in front of Devika and says that unintentionally she came between Shruti and Anuj and says that her actions would have given hope to Anuj that she loves him.

Devika asks Anu why is she considering herself for the things that happened with Shruti and she clarifies to Anu that Shruti and Anuj are just friends as there was no love between them.

Anu considers herself responsible for it after Devika tells her that everyone is an adult over here and Shruti knew about this thing very clearly that Anuj only loves Anu.

Vanraj enjoys seeing Anuj and Anu in problem whereas Anu goes to meet Shruti and says that she will improve everything between her and Anuj but Shruti says that she does not want to come between her and Anuj.


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