Anupama 29th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 29th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu telling Vanraj on a video call that Toshu is her culprit after which Vanraj argues with her and asks her to not blame Toshu.

Baapu ji comes there after which Anu feels bad seeing Baapu's condition whereas Yash asks Biji to shift along with him in Kenya.

Biji asks him to not behave like a coward as he is the son of a lion and she asks him to think about Anu where will she go and how will she handle things on her own.

Yash gets angry and says that he does not care for her as today whatever has happened is just because of her whereas Toshu asks everyone why are they doubting him.

Shah's family argues while Kinjal asks Toshu to accept the truth after that Anu slaps him and asks him to accept his mistake then Toshu accepts his mistake.

Toshu starts laughing and asks her to prove his mistake after that Anu feels ashamed of her for having a son like Toshu after which she breaks every relationship with him and tells him to consider her dead.

She asks Baapu Ji to not worry for her and she goes from there she notices Anuj over there and she tells him that she can smell him after that she asks him to drop her at Yash's house.

Meanwhile, Adhya faces bad comments from her friends and they refuse to take food from her lunch which makes her feel bad she murmurs that she has learned how to respect food in the orphanage otherwise she would have thrown the food cooked by Anu.

She notices the same thing happening with Pari but Kinjal comes over there and scolds Pari's mother for saying bad things about Anu but that lady does not listen to her and takes away her daughter from there.

Yash cooks soup for Biji and asks him to have it but Biji says that he is sounding bitter then Yash asks her if he is not allowed to even express his grief.

He says that he made a mistake by making Anu a business partner as a good cook doesn't need to become a good business partner.

Anu overhears their conversation and returns the business partnership to Yash and tells him that she does not want any share from it but she will find out the person behind the closing of Spice and Chutney.

Yash asks her what will happen then as it has been closed forever Anu assures him that it will reopen soon and she goes from there after that Dimpy does a video call to Anu and says that she won't become bride if she does not come back to India.

Adhya requests Anu to leave their life as she is not able to face her friends just because of her after which Anu goes from there which makes Anuj feel bad.

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