Anupama 29th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 29th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 29th September 2023 episode starts with Anupama saying that she loves all her children with equal importance in her heart.

However, Pakhi says that they all know that Samar comes top in the priority but tells Toshu that they are mature enough to manage such a small thing within themselves.

Anupama gives a hug to all her children after which she tells Toshu that he should demand a party from Samar.

Toshu and Pakhi agree with Anupama's suggestion and say that they will surely get a party from Samar after which Samar climbs on a chair and announces that he will give a party to everyone.

Vanraj says that the party will be for men only as they do not want women to get emotional on every topic including the baby.

Anuj agrees with Vanraj and says that the men will have a separate party after which Leela says that they also do not want to party with the men and can enjoy themselves separately.

The women of the house gather separately and announce that they do not need men to enjoy their party and will have their separate party.

Anuj says that they were just joking but the women seem to be offended after which he flexes that they will party at a grand hotel the following night.

Anupama says that they will make the house their party spot and enjoy themselves with Dimple to which everyone agrees but Anupama says that the party is at night and now she will cook all Samar's favourite dishes.

Samar gets happy and hugs Anupama while Toshu and Pakhi say that the partiality is openly flaunted now after which Samar calls Pakhi jealous and starts bantering with him.

Dimple and Leela erase the divider line in the kitchen while Anupama watches them with a smile.

Suddenly, Samar gets a shock while placing the charger in the switchboard hearing which Pakhi and Toshu come and ask Samar to be careful.

The three siblings click a picture together and Pakhi reminds them how they used to fight with each other in the past but their fight ended so quickly.

As Pakhi asks why their fights last longer after they grow up, Samar and Toshu say that even though the relationship stays the same, people tend to change and distance themselves.

Pakhi agrees to the fact and makes a promise to Samar and Toshu that their relationship will never change while hugging each other which Anupama spots and smiles proudly.

Anupama cooks in the kitchen when Samar comes there from the window and gives her a bunch of curry leaves in a filmy manner to make Anupama laugh.

However, while jumping down, Samar gets hurt in his foot as a nail pierces his skin but he thinks that it is just a coincidence.

Anuj comes to the kitchen and offers to help Anupama in all the work after which they start romancing a bit but Leela catches them together and asks them to control themselves.

Later, Samar laughs constantly at Anuj's joke and lies on the floor after which Anupama calls him but he does not answer her.

Samar wakes up suddenly surprising Anupama but starts seeing everything dizzy for a moment with his heartbeat getting louder.

As everyone gets up to have lunch, Samar stops everyone and thanks God for giving him such a good family and the best parents.

Samar hugs Anupama and tells her that she is everything for him but Anupama gets upset to hear Samar saying that one should tell their feelings as tomorrow doesn't have a guarantee if they will be alive or not.

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