Anupama 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 2nd April 2023 Written Update

Anupama 2nd April 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 2nd April 2023 episode starts with Kanta getting informed that Anuj is in Maaya’s house and getting shocked thinking that Anuj has moved on from Anupama with Maaya.

Kanta tells Anupama that they found where Anuj is staying for now which makes Anupama light up with a smile.

However, as Anupama hears that Anuj is in Maaya’s house, she stumbles in her steps as thunder strikes her, leaving her frozen.

Kanta says that Anuj is lost morally now as he took the wrong path in choosing what he wants in his life.

Anupama says that Anuj does not know what he is doing and he has gone to meet Anu, not Maaya.

Kanta says that the presence of Anu does not justify Anuj’s actions as he could have informed Anupama and then gone there to meet them.

Anupama defends Anuj by saying that Anuj has no sense in what he is doing currently as he has broken emotionally.

Kanta says that in Anupama and Anuj’s relationship, they thought that Anuj’s love and role were greater than Anupama, but it seems like Anupama gives more in this marriage compared to Anuj.

Anupama stays silent as Kanta criticizes Anuj for highlighting himself and his problems but says that Anuj married her as a divorced woman with three big children.

Anupama is convinced that Anuj can never think about being with another woman and goes inside, leaving Kanta concerned.

Meanwhile, Samar hits a pin on the wall loudly to divert his anger on Anuj in another direction.

Leela and Vanraj ask Samar to calm down while Samar says that he cannot cool down his anger knowing that Anuj has gone to Maaya after leaving Anupama.

Samar says that Dimple informed him about Anuj being at Maaya’s residence to which Pakhi comments that Dimple is used to telling things with extra spice.

Kavya says that some people are desperate to take advantage of these types of situations while Vanraj asks if she is talking about Anirudh.

Leela says that Anuj’s good mask has been ripped off and that 26 years of waiting for love was just a bluff.

The next day, Anupama and Bhavesh sit at the second-day puja of Navratri while Anupama seems restless thinking about Kanta going to Mumbai.

Vanraj comes to meet Anupama and expresses his sudden concern regarding her current condition.

Anu asks Anuj to stay for some more days, but Anuj says he is in that city only and will meet Anu daily.

As Anu asks about Anupama, Anuj tells her that Anupama is busy with the Navratri preparations so she could not come.

After Anu goes inside, Anuj tells Maaya that he would like to meet Anu personally without anyone else interrupting them to which Maaya agrees.

Kanta appears at the front door leaving Maaya and Anuj shocked and tells Maaya to go inside to Anu as she needs to have a private talk with Anuj.

After Maaya leaves, Kanta asks Anuj why he came into Anupama’s life if he had to leave, and why he loved her for 26 years if he had to break her heart.

Anuj gets shocked when he hears that Anupama has left his house and roamed the town all night to search for him.

Kanta tells Anuj that his pain is not the only thing in this world as Anupama has also lost her child and instead of facing the pain, he has run away from the house.

Kanta says that Anuj cannot blame Anupama for the loss of Anu as her leaving with Maaya was meant to happen.

Anuj stares at Kanta with widened eyes as she says that true love does not flourish in places where selfishness is involved.

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