Anupama 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Anupama 2nd April 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with The family returning home as Anupama proceeds to give Hasmukh what she has brought as Vanraj interrupts and asks her to sign the papers to return her part of the house.

He adds that she has no right over the house since she had left the house and went to Anuj so if she wants any part, she needs to claim it from either Anuj or Yashdeep.

Anupama refuses to sign right away and adds that she doesn’t want any part but she won’t sign unless he asks her politely. She tells him to ask her if he wants her to sign the papers.

Vanraj gets her point and requests her to sign on the NOC but she puts out two conditions, one of them being Hasmukh and Leela gets the largest part of it and Dimpy too gets her part irrespective of whether she marries or not.

Pakhi talks to Toshu that Dimpy shouldn’t get the part and they should do something about it but Dimpy listens to it all and says she doesn’t want anything but Ansh.

Meanwhile, Anuj sees a kurta and recalls how Anupama loved this color on him while Shruti comes there and says that she doesn’t like that color on him and he should wear the one she bought her.

Back at home, Dimpy comes inside running, saying that she has received a letter from the Superstar Chef and she has been selected when Toshu asks her if she is talking about The Superstar Chef.

He further adds that it has very high competition and they are hyping her up for nothing.

He says that she is better off at The Spice And Chutney cooking for local customers.

Vanraj says that she has nothing about international cuisine and there is no chance she can stand the competition.

Pakhi says the same while Vanraj adds that these competitions require more than just cooking skills like looks, confidence, and communication skills, and she lacs at each of them.

Anupama says that nothing is impossible if someone pledges something and winning or not is up the god and all she can do is try she recalls how trying new things made her do a lot in life, adding that trying new things out either gives you experience or victory while they all celebrate her achievement.

On the other hand, Anuj appreciates Aadya for owning up to her mistakes at the boutique when she tells him that she did that just because he had asked her to but he shouldn’t expect anything from her in the future.

Elsewhere, at the restaurant, Vikram lists everything that needs to be done at the restaurant what all they need for the month just when Anupama comes and asks them to have the sweet as they ask her what’s up and gives them the good news.

Anupama thanks Yashdeep for what he did for her and says that she feels that Spice And Chutney will soon get an investor and they both cross their fingers.   

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