Anupama 2nd December 2021 Written Update

Anupama 2nd December 2021 Written Update

Anupama 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 2 December 2021 episode starts with everyone celebrating while Vanraj gets a call and he tells the person to give the parcel to him only.

Kavya tries to talk to him but he ignores her while Anuj imagines dancing with Anupama.

However, Anuj also gets a call and he gets confused seeing the name of the person and declines the call thinking he shouldn't spoil the day.

Later, Vanraj acts nice with Anuj and talks about his work while Kavya gets surprised by it and thinks that he is going near Anupama again.

Samar goes to prepare cold coffee for everyone while Nandani seeks advice from Leela and Hasmukh for her and Samar.

Further, they all make a discussion as to why their marriage worked for a long time while Samar comes there and informs that the mixer is not working.

Everyone talks about their own opinion on marriages while Vanraj says that they should think a hundred times before getting married which Paritosh agrees with.

Pakhi says that she doesn't want to marry as she has seen the outcome of both love marriage and arranged marriage in the family while Vanraj explains to her that marriage isn't wrong but marrying the wrong person is wrong.

End of today's (2nd December 2021) Anupamaa written episode.

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