Anupama 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 2nd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 2nd February 2024 episode starts with Shruti telling Anuj that their marriage date has been fixed by her parents and they have sent a card as she asks him to let her know if she is pushing him.

Anuj hesitates as he wants to tell Shruti about Anupama and asks her if they both can give each other some time.

Shruti agrees and as Anuj is leaving, she stops him and asks what wanted to say.

Aadya comes while Anuj is about to tell and interrupts saying that he is getting cold feet and there's nothing else.

Shruti laughs saying it's fine while Anuj prays to God to show him the way he can tell her the truth.

Aadya tells him not to tell Shruti anything as she goes to attend a call while he thinks to himself that he needs to tell her everything.

Meanwhile, Anupama wakes up shouting about Anuj while Pari comes and sleeps with Anupama as she recites a story to her about a prince and a princess as she recalls her past with Anuj.

Anuj, on the other hand, sits restless and pings Anupama with a voice note and immediately gives her a call.

She receives the phone and he asks her to meet once and talk while Aadya comes and says that she hates Anuj and asks Anupama not to come into Anuj's life ever angrily and gets furious at him for breaking the promise.

Anupama has a breakdown when the flashbacks of her and Chhoti hit her.

On the flip side, Titu promotes Pakhi's tea stall when Dimpy comes and they have eye contact at the tea stall as she asks her why is he promoting her stall for free, to which he replies that he is only trying to help a single mother.

Meanwhile, Anuj tries to convince Aadya as Anupama cries badly because Aadya hates her and she blames herself for all this hate she holds inside herself.

Aadya angrily tells Anuj to meet Anupama if he wants to while he shouts at her to call down as Anupama wishes that she dies because she blames herself for being the reason for all the hate Chhoti has.

Anuj tells her that he has feelings for Anupama while Aadya contradicts her by saying that he should remember the pain she has caused them and suggests he forget her.

Anuj says that he can't forget the woman he waited for decades while Aadya tries to convince him saying that all that woman causes them is pain and hurts them as Anuj strictly asks her not to talk trash about her.

Meanwhile, Titu tells Dimpy to go for her dreams as Anupama did.

Anuj firmly tells Aadya to talk about her mother respectfully while Anupama cries breathlessly.

On the flip side, Titu motivates Dimpy to go for her dreams for the sake of Samar.

Anuj and Aadya get into a heated argument as she asks why Anupama left her and tells him that she used Anuj while Anuj shouts at Aadya for saying such things about her.

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