Anupama 2nd July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 2nd July 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Titu's mother coming to his wedding which surprises him and everyone wonders who is he.

Vanraj starts laughing and says that if they find then they can find god but she is just Titu's mother which surprises everyone in the house and they start thinking about it.

Titu's mother Sushma becomes worried and says that she isn't anyone's mother and she decides to go from there but Vanraj stops her and says that today is Titu's wedding so she should attend it.

Sushma does not listen to him then Titu stops her and goes to see her by breaking Gath Bandan with Dimpy which makes her feel sad whereas Sushma asks him to leave her and says that she isn't anyone's mother.

Titu again stops her while Anu scolds him for not telling about Sushma them and asks him to tell everyone after that Vanraj also asks the same question Titu says that she is his pride so why would he like to hide her?

Vanraj lashes him out then Titu says that he tried many times to tell the truth to Dimpy but didn't get any right time to tell her the truth while Vanraj says that he was trying to bring his reality for a long time but no one was ready to listen to it.

Ansh asks what Titu has done then Vanraj yells at him and says that he is not his father and Kavya asks the kids to go inside but they refuse so Adhya takes them inside.

Anu asks Sushma why she asked Titu to hide the reality that she is his mother then Vanraj says that he has been telling this thing for a long time while Anu asks him to wait and let Sushma tell the things.

Vanraj does not listen to her and tells Dimpy that he did a lot of investigation to know about Titu because he is a father and does not want Ansh and her to live along with criminals like Titu which surprises everyone in the house.

Sushma starts crying and asks Vanraj to not think bad about them while Vanraj intentionally provokes them and asks where is his father trying to give a hint that they have done something wrong to him.

Vanraj thanks Sushma for coming there and says that now they will cancel the wedding after which Titu becomes angry and says that his mother is not criminal and asks him to talk in a good way to his mother.

Titu and Vanraj start fighting after which Dimpy asks him to tell the exact truth so he tells all the things related to his mother to her which puts Dimpy in confusion.

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