Anupama 2nd June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 2nd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Yash involved in a fight with Americans when they mention him as poor and dirty but still, he yells at them and says that his spice and chutney are the best.

On the other hand, Anu returns to India and meets her brother after which he hugs her and says that he trusts his sister whereas Ansh leaves his phone in Vanraj's room and he notices Titu's missed call in it.

Dimpy searches for her phone while Vanraj receives Titu's call and he asks her to meet in the morning as he wants to tell about his past to her.

Anu's brother complains to Anu for not informing him so that he could have come there to receive her while she notices the trophy and asks about it then he tells her that he completed his sales target so his company instead of giving him a bonus gave him this trophy.

He asks Anu to hold it but she says that any trophy does not stay with her whereas Vanraj looks for the location that Titu sent to Dimpy while she notices Vanraj doing something on her phone so she asks him what is he doing.

Meanwhile, Anu's brother asks her if she will leave with him or go back to Shah's house then she assures him that she will leave with him after which he says that he wants to spend some quality time with her as after their mother passed away he has been feeling alone.

Anu asks him not to worry and she tells him that she will sleep in the hall as she wants to talk to her mother whereas Dimpy comes near to Vanraj then he keeps her phone on the sofa so she asks him why he is sleeping on the floor as he is having a back pain.

He lies to her that he is feeling comfortable after that Dimpy tells him that she is searching for her phone after which he calls on it and shows her that Ansh has kept it on the sofa.

Dimpy goes from there and murmurs that she will meet Titu in the morning whereas Anu says that Vanraj will be waiting for her so that he can taunt her whereas Vanraj murmurs that he won't let Titu tell about his past to Dimpy at any cost.

He murmurs that he will add some spice to the truth and present it in front of everyone whereas Biji scolds Yash for fighting on the street with Americans and she explains to him to not become bad with bad people.

On the other hand, Anuj calls Anu and tells her that he will also leave for India after some hours along with Adhya while Pari makes everyone's video and asks Kinjal when will Anu come.

Just then, Anu comes there and recalls the humiliation which she has faced over there but she anyhow forgets everything and enters Shah's house.

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