Anupama 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Anupama and Vanraj to stay together

Anupama 2nd March 2021 Written Update: Anupama and Vanraj to stay together

Anupama 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update:

Today's Anupama 2 March 2021 episode starts with Anupama telling Leela that she will gladly give her life for her children and cries.

However, Leela tells her to not do any drama and think about what will the people say if they find out that Pakhi is going to a psychiatrist.

Anupama says that she will not care about society if Pakhi's health gets well soon by going to a psychiatrist.

Vanraj offers Anupama water and tells Leela to stop all these talks as Pakhi needs more attention.

Further, Pakhi gets angry at first hearing about going to a psychiatrist but agrees to it after Anupama's convincing as Vanraj hugs Pakhi.

Later, they take her to the psychiatrist and she has a talking session with Pakhi alone.

Further, the Doctor tells the parents to stay together and give some time to Pakhi for accepting their divorce.

She tells Anupama that Pakhi never expected such a drastic step while Anupama and Vanraj decide to stay together for Pakhi.

Samar returns home which makes Pakhi happy and tells her that she will be punished for her deeds while Paritosh also sides with Samar.

Suddenly they start dancing around Pakhi while everyone else also joins them in dancing.

Samar tells Nandini that he missed her too which makes her blush.

Later, Samar gives his salary to Anupama and takes blessing from her while she tells him to take blessing from Vanraj too.

Further, Anupama and Vanraj reveal that they are sending Pakhi on a school trip while Paritosh says that it might be too much for her.

They drop off Pakhi and come home while Vanraj reveals his idea to go back to Kavya.

However, Leela opposes his decision.

The written update of 2 March 2021 Anupamaa episode full story ends.

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