Anupama 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 2nd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 2nd October 2023 episode starts with Samar saying that he cannot find this vast knowledge when he is surrounded by fathers all around.

Vanraj says that being a father is not easy while all the ladies are seen sitting at home, talking about motherhood.

Leela tells Dimple that being a mother is all about changing diapers and that one cannot even think of watching a full movie or completing a full song.

This makes Dimple wary a bit while Anupama laughs and tells Leela not to say these things and make Dimple scared.

However, Barkha says this is actually true along with Kinjal.

On the other hand, Hasmukh is seen giving a pep talk to Samar, stating it is hard to live for your kids without thinking of your own dreams and ambitions.

Toshu adds that no matter if you are a heavy-weight lifter, you have to make sure that the baby's milk bottle is properly sterilized.

Meanwhile, Pakhi goes to Dimple and makes her wear a cute tiara after which all the ladies dance to the "It's the Time to Disco" song.

The same happens with the men of the family who are busy celebrating Samar's happiness.

However, in the middle Samar gets entangled with Sonu who behaves with him rudely but Samar ignores him after giving him a harsh look.

Just then, Anuj notices how Sonu and his gang have been staring at a girl surrounding her and making her feel uncomfortable.

Vanraj tries to dodge Anuj's stare for them as they cannot afford to invite any trouble.

Meanwhile, at Shah's house, Barkha says that she honestly had a very good time while a pregnant Kavya also says that they shouldn't wait to celebrate small happiness.

However, Anupama feels something bad is about to happen and goes into the hall, trying to assure herself that nothing bad will happen.

At the club, Samar gets teased by Sonu and his men for being a father.

He looks at them sourly while Sonu asks him what he is staring at or else, he will do something to him, making him unfit to become a father.

Just then, Anuj comes here and tells Sonu that he has been observing them from afar and if he doesn't stop with his gimmicks, then he is here to teach them a lesson.

Meanwhile, Pakhi expresses to everyone that she also wishes to be a mother.

Leela tells her that she is too young and her mind is like wet mud.

Thus, when she has stability, she can decide to be a mother.

Anupama goes to fetch the vitamin tablets for Kavya and Dimple and calls Samar.

He tells her that they are all okay and he will be back soon, which acts as a balm to Anupama's heart.

Later, Toshu asks everyone what they want to eat while Anuj tries to keep his anger at bay when he sees Sonu making a girl very uncomfortable.

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