Anupama 30th December 2023 Written Update

Anupama 30th December 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 30th December 2023 episode starts with Adya searching for Anupama's picture when she remembers her childhood and Anupama helping her in the last during the accident. 

Adya claims that Anupama considered her the adopted kid and states that Anupama hurt Anuj too. 

She states that she and Anuj loved Anupama the most while outside, Anuj tries to enter Adya's room, but Shruti stops him. 

Inside, Adya states she discarded Anupama's picture and memories, but she failed to throw one picture away so that she could remember how much she hates her. 

Aadya adds that Anupama returned because she couldn't bear to see Anuj and her happy and she decides not to let Anupama enter her and Anuj's life again Aadya cries and sleeps. 

On the other hand, Anuj gets restless while Anupama remembers Aadya walking on the streets and pondering about Aadya.

Anupama feels a connection with her when Vikram asks Anupama what the inspector said and Anupama tells Vikram about her experience at the police station.

She praises America and the people, making Vikram state that the country is good while Anupama asks Vikram why is water more expensive than food. 

Vikram states that Anupama can use the public water and she returns Vikram's remaining money who asks her why she traveled without public transport.

Anupama counts the benefits of walking and Vikram praises Anupama's masala tea, stating that Anuj liked the tea and adding that Anuj never smiles.

She states that the man might be hiding pain behind his anger when Vikram craves Gujarati cuisine and then, Anupama asks Vikram why their restaurant doesn't have Gujarati cuisine. 

Just then, a man out there jokes about Yashpal's ex-girlfriend being Gujarati leading Anupama to ask them not to make fun of anyone's heartbreak.

Back in India, Ansh plays with Leela when she remembers Samar and then, talks about Kavya's daughter. 

However, Vanraj refuses to talk about Kavya when Dimple asks Ansh to have milk but Ansh refuses to listen to Dimple.

Vanraj convinces Ansh and Dimple gets upset when she further gets a call from Titu leading Vanraj to doubt Dimple.

Back in America, Anupama gives a treat to her colleagues and all of them like the food prepared by Anupama. 

Anupama discloses her cooking channel and her colleagues pray for her growth in the meantime, Shruti tells Anuj that since he cooks for Aadya whenever she gets upset, he can watch Anupama's cooking channel.

Shruti discloses that the masala tea was prepared by the same lady leading Anuj to play the video and he feels Anupama's presence. 

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