Anupama 30th January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 30th January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 30th January 2024 episode starts with Anuj coming back home in an overwhelmed mood.

Aadhya opens the door but she is shocked to see Anuj in such a state and asks him what happened.

Anuj who is unable to control his excitement reveals to Aadhya that he met Anupama which stuns Aadhya into silence.

Meanwhile, Vanraj and Hasmukh talk as to what is the need to contact Anupama.

Hasmukh tells Vanraj that he has a responsibility to know how Anupama is doing how she is and where she is which doesn't suit Vanraj.

When he asks Hasmukh, what's the need, Hasmukh says that this is his concern and Devika has told him already that Anupama is well in New York.

Just then, Leela comes there and asks Hasmukh why didn't he tell them where was Anupama all these years and if he was the one to send her to America.

Hasmukh without raising his voice tackles both Leela and Vanraj, asking them even if he told them, then so what?

After saying this, he walks away while Vanraj mutters that he hates Anupama as she has the habit of trapping people by being good-natured. 

Back in America, Anupama cries seeing the photo of Anuj and Choti, crying happy tears. 

She wishes that Choti's anger had subsided and she wouldn't come in front of her.

Meanwhile, Aadhya loses it when Anuj mistakenly calls her Choti again and she pushes Anuj away from her in full force.

Anuj lands on the ground as Aadhya becomes uncontrollable and starts to break things here and there. 

She lets Anuj know firmly that her name is Aadhya and Aadhya only while Anuj gets scared and tries to comfort her.

However, Choti states that they talked so much about this matter about Anupama being non-existent in their lives yet Anuj saw Anupama once and changed his colors in a jiffy.

Anuj hugs Aadhya and says that he won't meet Anupama or talk about her after which Aadhya finally calms down and says they should end this discussion here only.

Meanwhile, Pakhi taunts Kavya that she shouldn't waste Vanraj's money on Mahi as she is someone else's kid.

Hearing this makes Kavya laugh and she reminds Pakhi that Mahi's fees are submitted by herself only unlike Pakhi who lives life on her father's money and her online consultancy hasn't even taken off yet. 

Just then, Pakhi gets a call from Teetu as they are having a shoot for her business which makes Dimple nervous.

On the other hand, Shruti comes home and gets scared to see it all messy.

She asks both Anuj and Aadhya what happened while Aadhya lies saying someone was trying to break into their house.

However, she screamed and Anuj came to save her after which an exasperated Shruti asks Anuj where he was all day.

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