Anupama 30th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama 30th July 2023 Written Update

Anupama 30th July 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 30th July 2023 episode starts with Leela telling Anupama that her knee has started to act up and Adhik was helping her by applying the spray.

Anupama releases a sigh of relief and says that Leela's words sacred her for a moment after which she asks Leela to come with her and sit in her place to rest.

Toshu calls them back to the event as the dance floor is empty without them and Anu comes running to Anupama once she comes back to Kavya.

Anu says that Anupama will give a solo dance performance for the function which makes Anupama a bit nervous as she is not being able to exhibit confidence in dancing due to the current problems.

Everyone in the family including Anuj and Vanraj assures Anupama that no one is judging her and she can be truly happy with them as all of them have gathered to enjoy themselves.

Anupama tells Anu that she will definitely dance if Anu wants her to but asks everyone to join her in her performance when needed.

Anupama starts her dance performance and makes everybody dance with her by making them join when the son allows.

As everyone in the family dances in a circle around Anupama and Kavya, Kavya's face tells Anupama that she wants to tell her something after which Anupama asks Kavya what the matter is.

Kavya fails to convey the truth and says that she is feeling tired and Anupama makes her sit after stopping the dance, telling everyone that such a thing is common and no one needs to worry.

Adhik stares at Pakhi and smirks proudly as he succeeded in releasing his anger and blaming Pakhi as the bad person instead.

Later, Anuj calls Dimple outside and tells her that he was thinking to talk to her for some days regarding how she has started to hurt Anupama intentionally these days.

Dimple says that she knew that the matter would be about Anupama to which Anuj says that Dimple is there between them because of Anupama only.

Anuj says that Dimple has forgotten her manners and backstabbed him and Anupama in exchange for their kindness which he tolerated as he considers Dimple like his daughter.

Dimple says that all of them consider Anupama as some god and follow her decisions blindly and until she and Samar were the same, no one had any problem with them.

However, as she and Samar took a stand for themselves and made a decision for their career, they have become bad people as they did not do the same thing as Anupama and become enemies of Malti Devi.

Anuj says that Dimple is forming random theories in her head and laughs as Dimple says that everything that Kinjal does is justified but her decisions are looked upon with disgust.

Anupama hears the entire conversation from a distance and Anuj stops as he notices when she comes inside wiping off her tears.

After everyone finishes eating their food, Anuj and Vanraj take over the mics and say that they need to tell their life partners something.

Vanraj tells Kavya that he failed to understand her love but now he wants to redeem himself and become the perfect husband and father.

Anuj comes to Anupama and says that he left her alone when she needed him the most and he wants to be there for her for the rest of their lives to correct that mistake.

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