Anupama 30th June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 30th June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Shruti crying and telling Anu that she made a mistake thinking that AK will start loving her and replace her with Anu in his life.

She bursts out in tears and says that it was her misunderstanding whereas Anu asks for an apology from Shruti and says that she is the reason for the breakup of AK and Shruti but Shruti says that it is nothing like that.

Shruti tells her that Anuj always belongs to Anu and he can never be someone else and she asks her to get together with him because they belong to each other no matter what.

Anu holds her hands and starts crying after that Shruti asks her to look after Aadhya and always take care of her while Anu says that she is guilty of it.

After that, Shruti hugs her and says that she does not want to ruin a happy family after that Devika comes over there and praises both of them saying they are mature enough to sort out the things without any issue.

Shruti tells Anu that she wants her to become her best friend and again reunite with Anuj and says whenever she loves to eat the food in her hand then she will come to her home.

She tells Anu that destiny has given her another chance so she should not miss it and try to improve everything whereas Anuj reads the letter written by Shruti which she has left before leaving Anuj and Adhya.

Anuj's eyes become teary and he asks for an apology from her and thanks her at the same time for understanding his love for Anu whereas Adhya comes from behind and overhears the things that he is saying.

Adhya starts crying after that Anuj hugs her and tells her that Anu loves her a lot and will always give her the love she deserves whereas Kavya tells Baa and Baapu ji that she has made all the arrangements for the wedding.

Leela becomes happy seeing Kavya learning how to perform all the rituals and she says that after her she will be doing all the things that make Kavya feel weird so she scolds Leela for saying such things.

Later, Dimpy gets ready for the wedding and everyone waits for Anu and Anuj while Vanraj and Toshu taunt them saying now Anuj and Anu will get quality time to spend together.

Anu becomes happy to see Adhya wearing the lehnga which she made for her whereas everyone welcomes Titu when he comes for the wedding. 

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