Anupama 30th May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 30th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu recalling everyone's word that they don't want her in their life so she murmurs what she should do and where should she go.

Just then, Anuj comes there and looks at her whereas Pakhi misbehaves with Ishaani when she says that she is missing Adhik so she calls him.

Pakhi is about to slap her but Dimpy comes there and scolds Pakhi for misbehaving with Ishaani and says that she and Kavya can look after her.

Then, Pakhi also misbehaves with her and says that she won't be able to do the third marriage too, and says that she killed her brother Samar which makes Dimply feel bad.

She asks her to get her Kundali checked by Pandit as there is some major dosh in it that's why she is not able to live a peaceful life with her partner.

Dimpy scolds her and goes from there whereas Pakhi wishes to cancel Dimpy and Titu's marriage whereas Vanraj goes to see Titu's place which his friend gave the address.

On the other hand, Anu packs her luggage and Anuj stops her from going and asks her to share where is she going so she tells him that she going to Ahmedabad and will return after sorting out the things.

Anuj asks her if she is sure that she wants to go there then Anu tells him that Dimpy won't marry unless she will come there so she has to go there.

Later, Anuj also tells her that she tried to force him to come there along with Adhya over there but he didn't think of going because Vanraj and Leela would taunt him.

Anu says that she is going for Dimpy and Titu's happiness so Vanraj's taunts won't matter to her and she won't leave any chance of enjoying.

Meanwhile, Toshu tells Kinjal that he has booked tickets for India for Dimpy and Titu's wedding so he asks her to pack the luggage whereas Leela says that she is making thepla for Pari and Mahi.

Dimpy asks her to do the preparation only if Anu comes there otherwise she won't marry then Vanraj asks her to cancel the wedding due to some big reason instead of just Anupama not coming.

He behaves extra sweet in front of Dimpy and says that he can tolerate Anu for her happiness and says that he wants to make this wedding memorable for everyone and murmurs that he wants Anu to see what blast is he going to do.

On the other hand, Anuj asks Shruti if she wants to join him and Adhya in Dimpy's wedding so she can come with them but Shruti says that she is fine over there while Anu goes to meet Biji and she asks Shruti before leaving to look after Adhya.

She hugs Adhya and murmurs that she loves her a lot and gives her a lot of blessings before going back to India.

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