Anupama 30th September 2023 Written Update

Anupama 30th September 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 30th September 2023 episode starts with Anupama asking Samar never to say things like that after which he turns to Vanraj.

Samar tells Vanraj that he never understood him as a father and thought he would not give time to his children without seeing that he was busy working to earn money for them.

Vanraj gets emotional as Samar says that he is the best father he could ask for and hugs him for the first time acknowledging that he was a good parent to him.

Everyone claps in happiness on seeing the appreciation hug between Samar and Vanraj after which Samar says that he wants his baby to have all his family member's qualities.

Samar says that his baby should be smart like Toshu, devilish like Pakhi, pretty like Kavya, straightforward like Leela, calm like Hasmukh, spicy like Dimple, cool like Anuj, cute like Anu, etc.

Asking for everyone's help and requesting everyone to give equal love to his and Dimple's child, Samar ends his appreciation speech and Anupama assures him and Dimple that they are always with them.

Pakhi says that Samar should stop as he has been speaking non-stop for 15 mins after which all the family members move to have lunch together.

Anupama feeds Samar and Dimple with her own hands while Anuj captures the moment on his phone as pictures.

Later, all the family members get dressed and walk out of their rooms into the living room making separate lines for men and women.

Each couple stands across each other and admires their other half while Anuj and Anupama stare at each other with love-filled eyes.

Vanraj says that he thought the ladies would start singing bhajans with dhol and did not expect them to dress up for the occasion which offends the women.

Anupama says that a real party is done at home only with the comfort of relaxing however they want but Anuj argues that partying becomes real when it is done outside.

Leela says that the men should leave quickly so that they can start their own party in the house after which the men walk out of the house but Anupama stops Samar at the end moment.

Samar asks Anupama what the matter is to which Anupama replies with nothing and Samar steps outside while the black thread comes off his foot.

After Samar leaves with the others, Anupama notices the thread and gets worried a bit but Kavya cheers her up by saying that her blessings are always with Samar.

Anuj brings everyone to a big hotel and club where they settle down and enjoy the vibe when another group of men enter with their leader having a gun on him.

Sonu notices that Anuj and others are sitting at his usual table and asks them to leave it which Anuj agrees to as he does not want to spoil their special day.

Meanwhile, Anupama and the ladies talk about motherhood with excitement after which Anupama says that she has prepared food for everyone already.

The group shifts to another table but constantly gets disturbed by the laughing and cheering noises of Sonu and his group while Sonu sneaks at Anuj with a smirking face.

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