Anupama 31st January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 31st January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 31st January 2024 episode starts with Anupama chiding herself for looking back on her relationships and wanting to hurt her relationships like before. 

She tells herself that she will have to fulfill her promise to herself to always put herself first and move in her life alone. 

After a while, Anupama apologises to Yash and his mother for worrying them while Biji hugs her saying she has not worried them as she herself is so worried. 

Anupama tells Biji to give her some work to keep herself busy and distracted while Yash tells her that there are few dinner orders. 

As Anupama goes to prepare the orders, Yash tells Biji that it is difficult to hide pain while Biji tells him that he too is an expert in hiding his pain.

Yash tells her that when one’s heart is in pain then they need to have a closure or else the pain never goes away. 

Elsewhere, Shruti asks Anuj what is wrong as something is very wrong while Anuj tells her that he and Aadya had a fight about going on a trip. 

Shruti sees the lie in Anuj’s face but changes the subject asking him about his meeting. 

Meanwhile, Anuj recalls his meeting with Anupama and tells her that the Spice and Chatni people have backed out from the festival. 

Shruti gets worried thinking that Anupama will be missing a great opportunity and dials Anupama’s number to call her while Anuj tries to talk her out of it.

Just then Shruti hears a door open and goes to talk to her telling Anuj to talk to Ms Joshi. 

Before Anuj can stop her, Anupama picks up the call leaving Anuj stunned. 

Anuj tries to talk to her but recalls Adhya’s threat and cuts the call. 

Just then Anupama gets a message and decides to go after telling Biji that she has finished all the orders and now will be going to Kinjal’s place because Pari is asking for her. 

Yash tells her that he will accompany her as he cannot let her go alone in her condition. 

He also tells her that he has withdrawn his name from the festival.

Elsewhere, Pakhi comes home with Jugnu and thanks him for dropping her home and that if he hadn’t left Dimpy then he would never have become the star he is. 

Meanwhile, Jugnu tells her that the credit for his success goes to Anupama and Dimpy who have pushed him and guided him to his success. 

Pakhi mocks him for giving credit to Dimpy who is nothing here while Jugnu tells her that success is not just about money. 

Later, Pakhi purposely drops her purse and gift bag to force Jugnu out of the car and hugs him in front of Dimpy to create a misunderstanding. 

Jugnu is shocked at Pakhi’s sudden behaviour and looks chagrined seeing Dimpy watch them. 

Elsewhere, Anupama tells Yash about Anuj and her two marriages and would have talked more when she got the call from someone. 

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