Anupama 31st May 2024 Written Update

Anupama 31st May 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Anu closing the main door of the house and there she finds Anuj standing so she meets him.

He expresses his grief that this house is incomplete without her after that he also tells her that Toshu and Kinjal are also coming to India.

After that, he drops her to the airport in his car but does not say anything on the whole way whereas Baapu ji complains to Leela for bring weird kurta for him.

Leela says that if Anu had bought such a kurta for him then he would have wore it with happiness while Dimpy and Titu notices them fighting together.

Titu feels cute and tells Dimpy that he also wants to fight with her in old age after that he kisses her forehead which makes Dimpy feel special.

Meanwhile, Baapu ji and Baa starts fighting and arguing loudly after that Kavya and other family members come there and ask what happened then Leela tells about everything to Kavya.

Titu and Dimple also come there after that Leela asks him if no one will attend the wedding from his side then Titu tells her that his parents married each other by going against their family and now they are no more in this world.

Vanraj comes there and asks him how his parents died after which Titu tells him that his father died due to heart attack while Baapu asks Vanraj why is he asking such a question.

On the other hand, Anuj makes Anu meet her coworkers after which she asks for an apology from them as she thinks that due to her their job got snatched away.

She says goodbye to them and recall her first day when she came there before leaving the spice and chutney and decides that she will soon find the real culprit behind the closing of spice and chutney.

Meanwhile, Baa becomes excited to meet everyone and says that finally all the kids are coming after five years and everyone waits for them while Kinjal and Toshu reach there.

Then, Mahi and Ishika hug Pari while Kinjal and Toshu and get everyone's blessings while Anu meets a foreigner before leaving the U.S. and he makes her feel happy by saying that she is the best.

He asks her to dance before leaving but she refuses then he insists she dance so Anu dances along with him and they click a final goodbye picture together.

Kavya asks Kinjal when Anu will come then Toshu interrupts and says that they don't have any relation with her after that he goes from there while Kinjal tells Kavya that she does not have any hope that Toshu will change.

She tells Kavya that she wants to enjoy the wedding while Vanraj asks Toshu to take concern from Kinjal before shifting to India whereas Leela sleeps along with Kavya, Dimpy, and Kinjal.

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