Anupama 3rd April 2021 Written Update: Leela and Pakhi to do drama

Anupama 3rd April 2021 Written Update: Leela and Pakhi to do drama

Anupama 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupamaa written update

Today's Anupama 3 April 2021 episode starts with Kinjal trying to call the mechanic and saying that it has been 30 minutes while Anupama and Vanraj checking out the picnic destination.

Vanraj tells her to stand beside the parking sign while he parks the bike and comes.

Kinjal suggests booking a cab and is about to do it while Leela fakes having knee pain and makes all the Shah's care for her.

Kavya wonders if it is all a plan of the Shah's to get Anupama and Vanraj back together.

Meanwhile, Anupama is dancing while Vanraj notices her and watches her from afar.

He notices a stone in Anupama's way and goes to remove it but she gets injured.

He scolds Anupama and says that he was just joking while they sit and reminisce the day when their alliance was going to be confirmed and laugh how they saw each other sneakily.

Kavya is worried and talks about Anupama and Vanraj while Nandani tells her that they are husband and wife.

Kavya says that they have no relation left and Nandani asks her why is she insecure then which shocks her.

Kavya calls Vanraj's lawyer and finds out that the divorce date is finalised which shocks her.

Meanwhile, Vanraj tells Anupama how he emerged himself in work and how he got further and further away from the family and her.

They both reminisce their moments together while Anupama reassures him that separation is not a bad thing and that they will handle everything.

The written update of 3 April 2021 Anupamaa (हिंदी में अनुपमा written in Hindi) episode full story ends.

Upcoming Anupama episode (tomorrow) update: Kavya reveals the divorce dates to the Shah's.

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