Anupama 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Anupama 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Anupama 3rd August 2023 Written Update: Anupama written update

Today's Anupama 3rd August 2023 episode starts with Pakhi asking Anupama and Kavya to join the others as they are about to cut the cake while she will go and bring Vanraj from outside.

Kavya stands in front of the cake with a tense face and waits for Vanraj while Leela asks what Vanraj is doing for so long and Anuj jokes that Vanraj's happiness is not ending at all.

Anupama becomes anxious as Vanraj enters the house with Pakhi and looks gloomy by his expression as she does not want the function to end on a bad note.

Meanwhile, Barkha is looking very stressed and pinches her arm constantly to suppress her restlessness which settles down as Ankush walks into the house.

Seeing Ankush standing alone, Barkha gets relaxed and thinks that nothing is there to worry which does not last long as Ankush says that he needs to talk to Anuj about his child.

Everyone thinks that Ankush is talking about Sarah but Ankush clarifies that he is discussing his son while Leela asks why they are not aware that Ankush and Barkha have a son too.

Ankush says that it is only his son and nothing to Barkha who will live with him in that house from now on making Barkha widen her eyes in horror.

As Ankush calls the name Romil, a boy in his teens enters the house with his belongings and stands with an indifferent expression on his face.

Barkha walks to Ankush and tells him that they cannot share this roof with his illegitimate son who signifies Ankush's cheating and betrayal that he gave her years ago.

Vanraj processes the scene before him as Barkha says that Ankush's son's face reminds her of Ankush's betrayal and she is never going to accept it.

Ankush says that he would not have gone outside in search of love if Barkha had been a good wife but she was too busy in greed for power and money.

As Ankush says that Barkha's own parents broke their relationship with her, Barkha slaps Ankush at once shocking everyone.

Ankush gets angry and almost hits Barkha but Anuj shouts Ankush's name which stops that calamity from happening at the last moment.

Barkha comes to Anupama and asks her to say something to Ankush as she would know how it feels in Barkha's place after which Barkha asks Anupama if she would have accepted if Vanraj brought in his illegitimate child along with Kavya.

Anupama remains silent in shock while Anuj says that it is Ankush and Barkha's personal matter and they prefer not to interfere.

Barkha asks Anupama again about what she would have done if Anuj was in Ankush's place and had brought in his illegitimate child.

Vanraj says that Barkha does not need to accept that child as she has no responsibility toward him and it is more than enough that she forgave Ankush for his infidelity.

Barkha requests Ankush to take his son back from where he brought him but Ankush says that he cannot do so as Romil's mother has given him the responsibility and moved abroad.

The Shahs take a leave from the house and Kavya whispers to Anupama that she thinks that Vanraj knows everything to which Anupama nods her head leaving Kavya shocked.

Kavya walks slowly out of the house knowing well that everything is over now and she will have to leave Vanraj after being thrown out of the house.

Barkha says that no one stood up for her when this discussion was going on and says that everything is fine as she is enough to take action by herself.

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