Anupama 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Anupama 3rd February 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 3rd February 2024 episode starts with Shruti walking restlessly while wondering where Anuj and Aadya are.

They return and Anuj tells her that Aadya had a panic attack and needed some fresh air, to which she says that he should have told her.

He replies that it's all right and instructs Aadya to go back to her room.

Shruti says that she hasn't ever forced herself to come close to him but for a few days, she has been feeling that she is getting far away from him.

On the other hand, Hasmukh brings tea for Kavya and they talk about how it feels to start their work agaas he says that it's good that she started the work agawhenile her phone rings and she attends to it.

Meanwhile, Shruti doesn't get her answer and Anuj goes to sleep while she stands thinking that it feels like she doesn't belong in their life anymore.

As Kavya disconnects her call, Hasmukh asks her if she has any work for him because working makes him happy, to which she replies that Dimpy must also want to work.

On the flip side, Kinjal and Toshu are in a rush as they are getting late, worrying about what they will eat for breakfast. Anupama serves them a tasty breakfast suggests they eat home food, and tells them that they should divide the work among themselves and cook food.

She offers them a gentle admonishment telling them to substitute their fruit juice, full of chemicals, with fruits if they do not have time.

Kinjal says that she is going to wake up Pari when she comes saying that she is already ready which surprises them.

Anupama says that they need to teach kids things, things do not happen by themselves.

She gives Kinjal and Toshu their lunch and says that she will drop Pari at school while she goes to work.

Kinjal says a big thanks to her as she leaves while Toshu says that he doesn't even remember when was the last time they sat peacefully this way and suggests that they should keep Anupama with them.

Anupama reaches the restaurant that's been renovated which makes her jump from happiness as she says her words of gratitude to the god.

She checks out the kitchen and asks Yashdeep if all the expenses are covered by the insurance company to which he replies yes and adds that it was very smart of her to inform him immediately or it would have made things worse.

On the flip side, Shruti offers Anuj juice as Aadya comes downstairs and leaves without having breakfast and he tells Shruti that she is angry with him and will get normal soon.

Back at Spice and Chutney, Anupama and other staff members arrange the things around, happily singing and dancing while she recalls the flashback of the previous night.

Just then, Chhoti comes and shouts at Anupama, telling her that it's been five years and she still hates her.

She can't believe Chhoti is here and she approaches to adore her as she pushes her away and she hits the table.

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