Anupama 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Anupama 3rd January 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama 3rd January 2024 episode starts with Kavya coming to the kitchen and asking Dimpy to rest while she wraps up the work there.

Dimpy says that she is fine and will complete the work soon while Kavya says that they should do it together to complete it faster, making Dimpy smile lightly.

She asks Kavya if she is missing Mahi which triggers Kavya's emotions and she says that she is finding it difficult to live without her daughter near her.

Kavya talks about how Mahi has gotten thinner and weaker by the passing of time and she has not been focusing on her art classes too in recent days which is her favourite thing to do.

Dimpy stands shocked as Kavya tells her that Mahi is going into depression when Dimpy asks Kavya to bring Mahi to this house which will improve her condition.

Kavya says that she also wants the same thing but she knows that Vanraj will never accept Mahi as his daughter and she will not get the love she deserves from this family.

Dimpy says that there are people who will differentiate but there are people like her and Hasmukh who will give love to Mahi too, making Kavya hopeful.

Kavya gets enlightened as she hears that Mahi will get her mother and Dimpy says that Kavya should think about the matter a bit.

Meanwhile, Aadhya comes to the restaurant, asking herself why she has come to look at Anupama even though she wishes to have nothing connected to her in any way.

Anupama feels a familiar presence and turns around two times but Aadhya hides herself behind the wall after which Anupama faces Aadhya by coming outside.

Aadhya feels panicked as Anupama calls her "Bhebli" and tells her that she thinks of her daughter when she looks at her but Aadhya acts stern and tells Anupama that she cannot do anything for her.

Anupama stands there and finds a bracelet of Aadhya after she walks away which contains her name.

Aadhya comes and meets Anuj who predicts that something is wrong but Aadhya refuses.

At the same time, Leela goes to sleep after the children continue to play with each other and Kavya says that Dimpy gets to become Ansh's mother only when Vanraj and Leela go to sleep.

Dimpy asks Ansh and Ishani to stop their playing when Teetu comes there and stops the ball from going outside by standing in front of the gate.

Ansh asks for his ball back while Teetu befriends him which leaves Dimpy nervous and she continues to look around to check if Vanraj is there.

Teetu shows magic to the kids, making them happy but Vanraj comes there and asks Dimpy to go inside with the kids as he needs to talk to Teetu.

Vanraj warns Teetu to never come back to that neighbourhood but Teetu faces him and says that Dimpy is living like a prisoner in that house and cannot even express her feelings openly.

Teetu confesses that he loves Dimpy and asks Vanraj to think about Dimpy and Ansh's happiness like a father without being selfish which leaves Vanraj shocked.

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