Anupama 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Anupama 3rd July 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with Dimpy and Anu trying to Anu scolding Vanraj for deciding on Dimpy’s behalf which is wrong and makes Vanraj does not speak anything.

Anu turns around and says that it’s Dimpy’s life so the decision will also be hers after that Dimpy closes her eyes and recalls the day when Titu was about to tell her about his past but she asked him to not discuss the Past.

Ansh tries to come out of the room but Adhya maturely handles him and tries to console him saying that everything will be fine while Ansh says that he will not let anyone make her mother feel bad.

Titu’s mother asks Dimpy to take the decision carefully as her son is not wrong and she has given good manners to him.

Leela interrupts in between and argues with Titu’s mother and says that Titu belongs to a criminal family which will affect their family status if they allow this marriage to take place.

After that, her neighbor also supports Leela while Titu requests Dimpy to not break the wedding while Vanraj tries to pressure Dimpy and asks her to not do the wedding.

Dimpy runs from there and closes herself inside the room after that Titu goes behind her and asks her to come out then everyone comes there and asks Dimpy to come out.

Vanraj asks Titu to go from there and he says that unless he gets to hear Dimpy’s decision he will not go from there.

Anu asks them to not argue and requests them to go from there so that she can talk to Dimpy they listen to her while Vanraj again talks rudely to Titu after which Hashmuk asks Vanraj to not say anything to him.

Meanwhile, Anu tries to talk to Dimpy whereas Titu says that he loves Dimpy a lot and cannot live without her while Vanraj asks him to stop doing the drama.

Dimpy listens to Anu and asks her if she can take her decisions on her own or not then Anu asks her to do what her heart is saying then Dimpy decides to give another chance to Titu.

She comes out of the room and tells her decision everyone after that Anu tries to tell Vanraj that Sushma did everything for her son so it is normal as she knows what she did.

Dimpy also takes a stand for Titu and tells Vanraj that she cannot live without Titu and she requests Vanraj to let her marry Titu after that Anu and everyone try to change Vanraj’s mind but he goes from there.

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