Anupama 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Anupama 3rd June 2024 Written Update

Today's Anupama episode starts with kids hugging Anupama after which Dimpy also goes running to see her and becomes happy after meeting with Anupama.

Anu is about to enter the house but Vanraj asks Anu to stop there only which surprises everyone while Baapu ji asks Vanraj to not act weird but he again repeats the same thing and asks Anu to stop there.

Vanraj comes outside and does aarti of Anu which surprises everyone while Vanraj taunts Anu for coming after doing so much of weird things and ruining their reputation in America.

Anu gives a befitting reply to him and asks him to do an aarti of her after which he does her aarti removing her evil eyes and giving money to the kids.

Leela asks Vanraj what is he trying to do after which Vanraj says that Anu has done such a thing at a big level that she deserves clapping after which Kids start clapping.

Then, Kinjal asks the kids to go back into their room whereas Vanraj reminds Anu of everything that happened to her in America and says that finally, she is back to the place where she started.

Anu feels bad but she does not show it whereas Biji serves tea to Yash and he realizes his mistake he breaks Anu by thinking of her wong and he compares himself with Anuj and says that Anuj always stands with her but he only blames her.

Biji asks Yash to ask for an apology from Anu as she is a good lady and she will forgive her for sure and says that if they become a team then soon their spice and chutney will repone.

Yash says that this time Anu would be at Shah's house and what would be happening there with her after which Biji says that Anu is a lioness and she will tackle everyone.

Meanwhile, Anu tells Vanraj that she came here to meet other people except two or three people which makes Toshu, Paakhi, and Leela offended.

Vanraj says that Anu has come from America to hide her face after which she also taunts him and asks him to focus on the wedding and be happy after that he welcomes Anu inside the house.

Anu meets everyone in the house and Baapu ji hugs her whereas Leela gets angry over Vanraj and asks him why he allowed her to enter the house then Vanraj says that he will manage everything.

On the other hand, Anuj meets Biji and Yash after that he tries to console them and says that soon everything will become well while Anu serves chocolate to everyone that she has made by herself.

Just then, Titu calls Dimpy but her phone is with Anu so she receives the call and asks him to come over there.

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