Anupama 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Anupama 3rd October 2023 Written Update

Today's Anupama 3rd October 2023 episode starts with Anuj glaring at Sonu who corners a girl and starts harassing her by touching her without consent.

Anuj takes off his watch and keeps it on the table as he feels that he cannot control his anger anymore after which he launches at Sonu and lands a punch on his face.

Everyone is shocked to see Anuj getting into a fight with Sonu and Vanraj comes running to stop Anuj from engaging in the fight, asking him to calm down as they are there to celebrate a happy moment.

Sonu says that no one there knows who he is and what he is capable of doing to which Anuj replies that Sonu is nothing but the spoiled child of a rich dad.

Anuj cools down his head while Vanraj says they will drop that girl at her home safely and asks where she lives as if she is all right.

As Anuj turns around to walk away, Sonu asks him how he would have felt if he had done the same thing to his mother, wife, and daughter.

Hearing such a thing makes Anuj lose his mind and he starts slapping Sonu constantly after pushing him toward a table while Vanraj and others try to stop Anuj.

Anuj says that he will not spare Sonu and kill him then and there but Vanraj asks Anuj not to lose his cool, asking the manager and security to take care of the situation.

Meanwhile, Anupama stands in front of the temple at the house when Leela asks her to put oil in the diya as it should not be extinguished.

As Anupama pours oil into the diya, the fire starts shaking and almost extinguishes which makes Anupama nervous suddenly.

Anupama says that she talked to Samar a few minutes ago and everyone was fine which should make her relax but she is unable to do so.

Elsewhere, Sonu again triggers Anuj by saying that his wife and daughter must be beautiful enough to molest which makes Anuj launch another punch at Sonu after which everyone struggles to stop Anuj.

The manager tells Anuj that they should leave the place as those boys are dangerous and they have called the police who will handle everything.

Anuj asks the manager to make sure everything gets handled and leaves with the others after which Sonu's friends ask him to come with them as they will get caught if police come.

Anupama notices the entrance garland hung at the door lying on the floor and starts calling all the men but no one picks up the phone.

Samar decides not to pick up Anupama's call as she would get worried after hearing the entire situation but mistakenly sends a crying emoji which worries Anupama even more.

After constant tries to call all the men, Hasmukh calls Kinjal which Anupama picks and feels relieved to hear that everything is fine as Hasmukh is unaware of what has happened inside.

The ladies decide to play Antakshari together while the men stand outside the club and Sonu points his gun at Anuj with rage in his eyes.

Samar notices Sonu shooting a bullet from his gun at Anuj and runs toward him shouting his name after which the bullet hits someone.

With two hours passing away, Anupama works in the kitchen and is surprised to see Samar sitting by the window as he asks her to feed him Kheer.

Anupama asks Samar to come inside but Samar says that he will do so another time after which he asks Anupama to take care of his child and raise them with lots of love.

As Anupama says that Samar will be a great father, he replies that his child will have to get all their love from others only as he will not be there.

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